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Who are the Suppliers of Apple Parts?

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When it comes to the Apple, a lot of countries play a part in supplying the different parts that make up the Apple phone or tablet. However, there are two main continents that play the biggest role in this which are USA and Asia.

USA still manufactures the glass and processor of every apple gadget while Asia makes the other parts. However, the US is now working towards bring some of the manufacturing for the mac into the US with that is why they are investing over $100 million.

Most of the Apple parts comes from Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea, where china holds the biggest share. Apple are mainly designed in California but assembled in China. China holds about 70% of raw material supply for apple parts.

Apple source its display parts from Japan by Japan display and Sharp and also some are made by LG in South Korea. Whereas the Touch ID sensor which can be found in its recent products – iPad and iPhone models – are made from Taiwan by TSMC.

Apple has suppliers from about 200 carious suppliers located throughout the world. These suppliers all contribute to making Apple products that you find in stores.

Just to give you a glimpse of how Apple source different parts and components from different countries, let’s take a look at its main suppliers of different parts. To be more specific, let’s look at the iPhone line:

  • The Audio Chipsets and Codec: comes from United States, manufactured by Cirrus Logic
  • Batteries: comes from South Korea, manufactured by Samsung
  • Controller Chips: comes from United States, manufactured by PMC Sierra and Broadcom Chop
  • Accelerometer: comes from Germany, manufactured by Bosch
  • Cameras – comes from Japan, manufactured by Sony.
  • Display – comes from Japan, manufactured by Display and Sharp.
  • Baseband Processor – comes from the United States, manufactured by Qualcomm
  • Touch ID Sensor – comes from Taiwan, manufactured by TSMC and Xintec
  • Screen and Glass – comes from the United State, manufactured by Gorilla Glass

If you look at the countries that supply Apple with just the iPhone parts, you can see that they are quite many. These supply wholesale Apple parts.

From Japan to China to Germany to Taiwan, and so the list goes on and on. IPhone parts comes from different part of the world and brought to a central location where it is assembled into a complete phone.

Apple is really a very huge company for them to be able to source different components from different parts of the world and assemble them in one place.

When Donald Trump became the President of the United States of American, he called Tim Cook (the CEO of Apple) personally and spoke with him. His conversation with him was about how the company can bring back the manufacturing of its various Apple parts to the United States rather than outsourcing it to other countries.

The reason why Trump said that was because he knew that huge amount of money being spent by Apple to buy those parts. This means contributing so much to the GDP of those countries.

Bringing back production of Apple parts to the United Sates will mean contributing to the GDP. The business of wholesale Apple parts is booming.

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