Who Can Teach Me IT Online?

Who Can Teach Me IT Online?

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For many years, learning has been an uphill task for many people, more so due to the costly nature of attaining education. Even so, some courses like IT faced even more challenges due to lack of avenues for learning and scarcity of tutors. However, thanks to the internet, one can now access IT classes anywhere in the world for free. What’s even better I that these classes are offered for free. What’s disturbing is that the internet is thronged today with an array of IT learning platforms that offer substandard education. It is important for any IT student to enroll for legit platforms with reputable tutors. That said, here are the top platforms with experienced tutors who can teach you IT online.

Cyber Academy

Based in the UK, Cyber Academy has established itself on the foundation of offering quality IT classes for free through certified professionals in the field. This platform offers an array of IT courses ranging from programming to mathematics. The courses are well crafted to suite the student at any level. Tutors here use interactive means to teach the students e.g. use of video tutorials. What makes this platform even better is that fact that the student is given free access to learning materials for further research. The tutors here are further known to be friendly and answer every question given by the student extensively. In other words, Cyber Academy guarantees your success in IT.


Udacity is a platform that works slightly different from the rest, but gives the desired results to any student. It offers many courses in different   fields with IT being the major. Here you will find various qualified tutors who have experience in teaching online IT courses. However, what puts Udacity at par with the rest of the platforms is how the tutors engage interactively with the students through the videos. You can further ask questions and get answers after the end of each video session. This ensures that you understand every concept that is being taught. Also, you are being offered sample questions to do as assignments before the next class. This is an awesome platform for anyone starting IT classes or anyone seeking to advance his/her studies.


One of the most important fields in IT is programming. T goes without saying that programmers are highly required in the market today due to the current IT trends. It is for this reason that Codecademy is dedicated to offer online programming courses for free. It is undoubtedly the biggest and the best programming platform because it is known to have experienced tutors in the field of programming. Furthermore, Codecademy has an efficient system that enables you get access to all learning materials. Just like the others, Codecademy is an interactive oriented platform which allows you to interact fully with your tutor in every class. Tasks are given to you at every given stage of your learning for practicing to ensure that you become a god programmer in the field. What makes Codecademy standout from the rest however, is the fact that they offer certificates to students who perform really well and complete the course


Just like Codecademy, Learnstreet is also dedicated to programming. Here, programming languages offered include C++, HTML5, Ruby and python among others. However, if you thought that you did not understand what was taught in Codecademy, then this is the right place for you. Courses here are simplified completely to suite a student with no prior knowledge of IT. The courses are designed to slowly and gradually bring you top the complex world of coding. Thanks to the dedicated tutors available, you will always feel at home when learning It from this platform. This is because the tutors are skilled at dealing with newbie students and they will interact by using simple examples when teaching. With the able and experienced tutors, Learnstreet is definitely the best place to learn IT as a new student.

Code Combat

Just as the name suggests, this is another coding platform that has proven to produce results for IT students. The most interesting thing about this platform is that they have incredible tutors who use a totally different technique from the rest while teaching. What these tutors do is that they teach you coding by use of a game. This makes the concepts very easy to learn. This technique is very appropriate for students who are beginners in IT. Even though the tutors use a game setting to teach their students, it is important to note that the codes being taught are in-depth and oriented to bring out the element of simplicity. Furthermore, the tutors are very friendly and help you all the way through. In just 5 weeks, you will have completed the course and ready for the market.

It is very hard to find qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors who can teach you online IT courses today. However, these five platforms have proven to have the best tutors in the industry with all the mentioned attributes. You can trust them to feed you with IT knowledge at no cost. For only 5 to 6 hours a week, you can complete your IT course and be ready for the brisling market.