Why is there an increasing importance for Big data in India?

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Today, a growing proportion of the massive Indian population is using various digital platforms. The digital economy of the country is booming and sectors like eCommerce, IT and Banking are embracing digital technological solutions. Even the government and its policymakers are rooting for data-driven solutions to drive growth. Digitalization has picked up the pace and the industries in India are headed towards a total digital overhaul. As a result, Big data has surfaced as a resource with high potential in the country!

India government’s push for digitalization

The government of India is more than enthusiastic about modern innovations like ML, Data Science and Big data. Its department of Science and technology already has a Big data initiative and has been offering financial support for research on Big data since 2016. India also has an Open Government-Data Platform to help data scientists in research.

On 16th September the union Housing and Urban Affairs ministry confirmed that India will have a digital database of each cities within 23024! and with initiatives like Digital-India, the intention of the government is very clear- to create a digitally empowered nation!

Interestingly, the department of Science and technology recently launched a project to digitally map the country with a resolution of 10cms with the help of drones, AI and Big data. After completion, the data is expected to help millions immensely in decision making and planning!

How India stands to benefit from Big data?

Big data is known for its potential in solving complex problems. And India has been suffering from problems like corruption, unemployment, frauds, poor economic growth and disastrous health-care since long.

Answers to such problems can be found in Big data. Exabytes of data is already available and with the help of Big data analytics, hidden patterns and significant insights can be found out and acted upon quickly. And the work is already under progress!

Tax authorities in India are already working on a Big data project- Project Insight to prevent tax evasion.

Industry leaders in India expect that growing investments on IoT, Robotics and Big data is going to transform the manufacturing sector of the country which will add 1trillion USD to the economy in the near future! (according to money control)

How can you benefit from Big data analytics courses in India?

Owing to its constant push for digital transformation, Big data analytics offers a great career in India.

Moreover, recent studies suggest that the big data analytics industry of India is expected to rise by several billions within 2025.

Consequently, demand for skilled big data analysts is huge and you must consider Big data analytics courses. Great pay packages and continuous career growth- the benefits of Big data analytics for you are limitless!