Why Americans Ignore Soccer?

4 mins read

The USA is known as a heterogeneous country with a myriad of culture and people. One group of people differs from the rest. Unlike other countries, Americans are known for one thing, that is the desire for instant gratification. In this case, they simple want what they want and they want it right now. Although it’s often said that patience is virtue, Americans are simply unable to sit around, while waiting for something to happen. Many Americans are simple go-getters and their preferences of sports reflect their mindset. As an example, basketball is one of the most favorite sports in the US, which is both fluid and dynamic. When both teams are competing, it is rare the the score is under 100 points. Basketball is known for its fast-paced style. The same also applies with American Football, nearly all plays are exciting. The offensive team may move forward for more than 20 yards to score a touchdown. One the other hand, the defending team will attempt to deliver bone-crunching tackles.

Baseball may seem like the most boring of the three, but it offers a more complex play, compared to soccer. We will encounter strike outs, home runs, diving catches, double plays and others. American favorite pastime is about quick action, not something that tends to drag on and on. Americans are more interested in the destination, instead of the journey of getting there. Soccer is obviously an exciting sports, but there’s something about it that Americans find it uninteresting. Soccer is great for people who want to see how something unfolds, but not how it’s supposed to end. Literally billions of people are in tune with the real spirit of soccer, but it is something that Americans can’t seem to achieve. They are simply unable to understand the real beauty of soccer. Americans can’t find the excitement of watching 50-yard passes followed by a bolting striker who delivers a collected and calm finish. Soccer is about 22 players who show superb finesse and control with their feet, chest and head. It’s a feat that’s not replicated by other types of sports. Yet, despite the technical and athletic achievement, Americans simply can’t find anything exciting about it.

It is clear that Americans will pounce on something when it’s rare. Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sports on Earth, but they still don’t get it. They are simply unable to build enough anticipation when watching soccer games. In other countries, soccer fans start to grow restless as the game is about to begin and they continue to wait the culmination. They feel the build up of pressure and a thunderous roar will explode once a goal is scored. However, when the same soccer game is played inside the United States, there’s little buildup and accumulation of tension. They will cheer when there’s a goal, but that’s about it. At this point, it’s not clear whether soccer will ever be truly successful in the United States and among sports fans.