Recommendations For The First-time, Second-time and Repeat Travellers To India

Recommendations For The First-time, Second-time and Repeat Travellers To India

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Tourists and travellers to India often worry about the places they need to cover due to the enormity of the landscape and that follows by the numerous things to do in the limited time span of the vacation. Moreover, the worries are different for different kind of the tourists. First-timers want to go to every popular tourist site; second timers want to explore more and the returning tourists have many specific things on mind when they come to visit India for more than 2 times.

Recommendations For The First-time, Second-time and Repeat Travellers To India

Have a look on what you must do depending on how many times you have visited or are planning to.

For the First Time Travellers/ tourists

If you fall in this category, you must definitely be having numerous questions and a list of doubts to be sorted out before they apply for the visa. Here are the suggestions you can take:

• Better take a package rather than going solo and on your own. It will be a bit costlier but worth your money.
• Do not think of covering each and everything in a short span as it will be tiring and without fun.
• Buy a Golden Triangle tour package as it covers the most popular route and sort of compact for the first-timers.
• Keep it limited to site-seeing and enjoying some local cuisine because even that would take a lot of time.
• Avoid special experience tours and activities that go out of your package if you are time-bounded.

For the Second Time Travellers / tourists

As you have already made acquaintance with the amazing and overwhelming land of diversities, you can play a picky. Have a look on the recommendations below for your second trip to India:

• Plan a trip with family and friends as you will enjoy more and have a reason to be praised for your thoughtfulness and knowledge.
• Pick a single place and have all the fun it has to offer. Plan it beforehand to avoid any surprises on your arrival.
• Cover the sites you had to miss on your first time.
• Explore the city with special experience tours, for example culinary tours, heritage tours, photography tours, spiritual / meditation tours, etc.
• Add on to the list of the cities you want to visit according to the vacation time you have in your hand.

For the travellers / tourists who plan to return India every time they can

Now that you have fallen in love with the place and want to return every year, you literally have an enormous opportunity to explore India just as a local does. So all that you can do:

• Having befriended Indians (who have earned your respect and trust) and met their families on your second time to India on the various special tours, you can now plan to spend some time with them.

• Plan a special vacation in a new Indian city with these new friends in a home away from your own home.

• Or just take a new city to tour on every vacation and explore.

• Take up activities that you like: white water rafting, wildlife safari, trekking up the Himalayas, birding, Indian cooking and many others.

If you are really not sure from where to begin the journey of holidaying in India, start with any suitable North India tour packages and let the fun begin!

Article written by Sophia Mixon, Sophia is simply a travel freak and crazy researching about new places that she can explore. Recently visited Bali Tour and it was memorable.