Why Elderly Should Eat Raw Food Diet?

Why Elderly Should Eat Raw Food Diet?

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Raw food diet offers a lot of benefits for us and it’s mostly consisted of vegetables and fresh fruits. With nutrient-rich diet, we should be able to get greater resistance to disease, healthier bones and stronger skin. Elderly need to take care of their condition more carefully. They get sick more easily and with poor diet, their bones may start to get brittle. Decades of improper diet consisted of processed and overcooked food is often responsible for a variety of diseases that affect us. If we get our raw food diet ingredients from organics farms and plantations, we should have zero-toxin meal that’s rich in nutrients. Raw foods are also known as live foods and they contain active antioxidants that can prevent cancer and slow down the aging process. Antioxidants are found at higher levels in blackberries, blueberries, tomatoes, spinach, beet and other food with dark or vibrant colors. Elderly should focus on eating these foods to cleans their bodies of free radicals that can speed up the aging process.

Nutrition has direct interaction with the aging process and the prevention of degenerative illnesses. Raw food diet can be seen as a form of detox program. With proper selection of food, we shouldn’t be concerned about being hungry. We may choose food with complex carbohydrate and protein that deliver slow-release of energy. Also, with plenty of dietary fiber in our diet, we will be satisfied more easily. After eating tasty, processed food for decades; many elderly are resistant to changes with their daily diet. As a start, we may incorporate organic vegetables and fruits as 25 percent of our daily diet. We should be able to progressively increase the percentage, so we will get neat 100 percent of raw food diet. Once our detox program starts, we should be able to notice good changed and we will be able forge ahead with our new lifestyle. It is also important to drink enough water each day to help our body process the raw food more smoothly. Legumes, nuts and seeds can also be incorporated into our raw foods.

There are many recipes on the Internet that allows us to create tasty raw foods. Just because the ingredients we use are raw, it doesn’t mean that the food will taste bland or just “raw”. A change of diet should put a significant focus on the psychological area. In this case, the transition should become much easier if the raw foods we eat are simply marvellous and delicious. With raw food, elderly will gain a balanced state with their body and they will feel much healthier. They will be able to function well longer and become a productive part of the society.

After consuming raw diet for a few days, elderly often notice direct changes. As an example, their digestion will become much smoother and what they eat will come out on schedule the next day. If they continue to do that, toxins and other nasty things in their body will be flushed through the digestive system.