Why Liposuction is the best Choice for the Obese People?

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Why Liposuction is the best Choice for the Obese People?

Fat removal through Liposuction, is one of the most commonly used methods in aesthetic surgery. Unfortunately, this process is not enough for a permanent solution. Because fat cannot be taken to weaken a fat person in this process, so it is suitable for just removing excess fat from the body.

Nowadays, liposuction is one of the leading surgical procedures performed in the face of discomfort where there is regional lubrication, regardless of male or female. More precisely, I can say that liposuction is still a way out for people who have not been able to bring healthy eating and exercise into their lives since the 1980s, when ready-to-eat foods have left their mark on still life and stress.

Is it suitable for obesity patients?

Liposuction, that is, the method we take to take the fat and shrink the fat cells in reality, and the fact that some of the fat cells in the region is also an attractive treatment alternative for obesity. Unfortunately, this procedure is not a valid treatment method for the permanent solution of obesity. Because fat liposuction process to make a fat person cannot be slim enough. Obese patients may be a good candidate when they want to correct contours in certain areas of their body, but an obese individual will never undermine his or her slimming diet by applying this surgical method before reaching a healthy weight. 


Liposuction in India is the process of removing subcutaneous adipose tissues collected in any part of the body with the help of vacuum and cannulas. It is a method used to reduce the fullness caused by the storage of excess fat locally. The method of emptying these accumulated fat tanks which do not conform to the general contour of the body; under the chin, neck, arms, breasts, around the knees, legs, and especially in women’s hips, abdomen and thighs, and in men around the abdomen is used to take stores.

Different methods are applied

Suction supported liposuction: In this method, a thin cannula connected to the vacuum device is inserted through a small incision. The disintegrated fat cells are removed out of the body by moving back and forth.

Ultrasonic liposuction: This method uses a cannula that transmits ultrasound vibrations. This vibration breaks down the fat cells and makes it easier to take them out after liquefaction. It is mostly used in fibrous and hard areas such as back and male breasts. It was stopped in the US due to complications.

Power supported liposuction: Special mobile cannula is used. This technique is similar to the suction assisted liposuction method. But a machine is used here. This machine allows special cannulas to be transmitted to the fatty area. Liposuction with this method is effective in areas with more fat.

Nutrition feeders after fat removal

There is a risk of edema after liposuction in India. In order to prevent edema, in addition to the corset application usually performed under the supervision of a doctor, the person should also pay attention to his / her nutrition.

  • Consumption of salt and salty foods should be reduced. All salted foods, such as canned and pickled foods with high salt content should be removed from the diet.
  • Drink 3 liters of water per day.
  • Lean vegetable soup should be preferred for meals.
  • Plenty of fresh grapefruit and fresh lemon should be consumed.
  • Fat consumption should be as low as possible.
  • Skimmed types of milk and cheese should be consumed.
  • Celery stalks should be boiled and drunk before going to bed to reduce edema rapidly.

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