Why Natural Butt Enhancement Is A Better Option Than Cheap Butt Injections

Why Natural Butt Enhancement Is A Better Option Than Cheap Butt Injections

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Are you thinking about getting cheap butt injections to boost the size of your booty? Stop everything and read this first. Cheap butt injections come with a number of risks, and it’s not worth putting your health and your life on the line trying to save a few bucks and get a bigger butt. It’s especially not worth it once you learn about some of the natural butt enhancement treatments that exist.

Before you decide to opt for the needle, consider these 5 reasons natural butt enhancement (butt enhancers) is a better option than cheap butt injections.

1. You never know what’s being injected into your body— The scary part about getting cheap butt injections is you don’t really know what the person is injecting into your body. While you might think it’s fat or even silicone, it could be something else altogether. Consider the recent case in Miami where a woman was injecting her “patients” with Fix-a-Flat. That’s right – Fix-a-Flat. Actually, the mixture also contained cement and superglue. Numerous victims learned the hard way that black market butt injections are not the way to go. The unlicensed doctor was sentenced to one year in jail for her dangerous, botched butt injections.

2. Artificial injectables are banned by the FDA— The simple fact is that artificial butt injections are still banned by the FDA. Injecting silicone, PMMA, hydrogel, or other liquid substances directly into the buttocks is illegal because it can be very dangerous. When injected directly, it’s possible that these chemicals could be toxic and could cause a number of very serious, potentially life-threatening side effects. And of course, because these are banned substances, as we mentioned earlier, there’s no way to know exactly what ingredients are in the mix and whether or not the procedure will actually work.

3. Artificial butt injections pose serious health risks— No matter how badly you want to get a bigger butt, it’s not worth risking your health and your life. The truth is butt injections are very risky and can result in a number of health complications and side effects. The injectables could impede blood flow and cause organs to malfunction and shut down. They could also release various harmful toxins into the body. Some of the other known side effects of butt injections include blood clots, kidney failure, nerve damage, infection, allergic reactions, inflammation, respiratory complications, and so much more. Is it really worth putting your life on the line trying to get a bigger butt?

4. Cheap butt injections are often performed by unlicensed individuals— Remember, artificial butt injections are banned by the FDA. That means you can’t go to a licensed doctor to get cheap butt injections. Instead, you would have to go to some unlicensed “doctor” who would perform the procedure in his or her house, a motel, or even in a van. Talk about shady! The fact is that no reputable medical professional would perform this procedure, and that should tell you all you need to know about its safety and its efficacy.

5. Butt injections typically don’t last— In addition to all of the dangers associated with cheap butt injections, the final blow against this procedure is that it often doesn’t work. Butt injections rarely last long, forcing women to keep getting injections over and over if they want to try to maintain their shape. Why would anyone put their life at risk for a procedure that doesn’t even work?

The good news is there are safer ways to get a bigger butt. Natural butt enhancement supplements, like Gluteboost butt enhancers, that contain safe, proven ingredients like maca root, saw palmetto, soy extract, fenugreek, and rose hips can help you get a bigger, rounder butt safely, with no side effects, and at a price you can afford.