Why White SEO Will Always Prevail?

4 mins read

SEO practitioner should also consider the moral implications of what they do. Just like in real world, there are also less desirable and seedy elements in SEO. We often discover various bad behaviors and spam could really annoy us a lot. We are often advised to follow the proper SEO guideline and it can be associated with white hat SEO technique. On the other hand, black hat SEO tactics can be somewhat more appealing, because they seem to provide faster results. As an example, it may take weeks to gain a dozen of inbound link with white hat method, but black hat method could provide us with hundreds of inbound links almost overnight. This simple fact has encouraged people to at least try some of the black hat elements in the SEO campaigns.

It is a common fact that the Internet is based on linking structure. Links are what made the World Wide Web is an actual web of webpages that contain information and functionality for users. Without links, webpages will stand independently and we need to type in URL of each page manually in the address bar. If our webpages are referred by more external webpages, it is said that our webpages gain higher authority. It is important to know that whatever black method tactic used, it will never prevail over white hat tactic. When we follow the common SEO guidelines, we will deliberately and slowly choose the most appropriate keywords for our webpages and main landing pages.

 With black hat tactic, people often use dozens of keywords for webpages, although they are distantly related to the actual topic of the webpage. This could dilute the focus of the website and search engine bots won’t know about the actual primary keywords of each webpage. Black hat tactic may allow for a trickle of traffic for each keyword, but in the end white hat tactic will provide highly targeted traffic that responds well to content and calls to action. It is possible for us to get hundreds of inbound links to our webpage in a very short time with black hat tactic, but search engine algorithm will recognize our illegal attempts. If you want to get links, it is important that you use only common sense and white hat tactics to achieve your overall goals.

Good content should ensure natural occurrences of keywords and we will be able to make webpages become much more relevant to Google. In order to attract backlinks, you may use a “link to us” feature that creates a hyperlink for that specific webpage. For people who have interest in referring to your website, this could be a huge timesaver and they won’t delay to do that. We should repeat good ideas often to make sure that everything will be implemented in proper manner. We should do everything we can to make sure that we always rank high in Google search results. In some cases, we find that we barely scratch the surface when it comes to SEO.