How To Have A Stress Free Holiday

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Whether you’re taking a weekend break or a month long vacation, everyone looks forward to the holidays. However, planning a holiday itinerary, booking tickets and hotels, arranging for someone to look after your home while you’re away etc. isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and can make a holiday more stressful than enjoyable.  A little organization can go a long way to making your holiday travels stress free. Here are a few tips.


Just because it’s your holiday, you don’t have to plan everything yourself. Though you could scour the internet looking for the cheapest flights and best hotels that fit your budget, a good travel agent could do this much more easily. Tell your travel agent the kind of holiday you’re looking for, your budget and tentative dates and let them do the heavy lifting.

How To Have A Stress Free Holiday

Pack light

Lugging a heavy suitcase around is not fun. Not only is it uncomfortable, the more your carry, the more you will be stressed about the safety of your possessions. Instead, make use of hotel laundry services and pack clothes that can be mixed and matched so that you aren’t wearing the same outfit in all your photographs.

Check local weather conditions

Whether you’re going to the beach or the mountains, good weather is key to a good holiday. With a number of reliable weather apps available today, it isn’t difficult to check on local or international weather conditions weeks and months before your holiday begins.


When you step into the flight, train or car taking you to your holiday, switch off your phones, tablets and gizmos that keep you connected to your work. If you can, take a break from social media too and be present in every moment of your holiday. If you’re worried about people getting in touch with you in case of an emergency, share your hotel details with family and close friends.

Come home a day early

No matter how enjoyable a holiday is, travelling does tire you out. To top that, you need a day’s buffer to restock your fridge at home, sort through your mail and get the house running again before you get back to your normal routine. So, plan your holiday in such a way that you come home a day early and have time to relax at home.

Keep an emergency budget

Lastly, no matter how tightly you may have budgeted for your holiday, always keep a little spare cash available. From medical emergencies to spur of the moment changes in your itinerary, you never know when you might need it. If you don’t use it, it can always go back into your bank account.

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