Winning An Oscar Was Fabulous : Jean Dujardin

Winning An Oscar Was Fabulous : Jean Dujardin

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The famous director Jean Dujardin feels very happy for winning the Oscar award. The Oscar award is the most prestigious award for artists, Directors. The man Jean Dujardin says that he is happy for winning this associate award, however, he does not assume it suggests that the maximum amount to him as a result of he is French. But he has no idea to get this award from his point of view. Basically Jean Dujardin is from French.

As per the reports of, the 41-year-old, who won the Academy Award for the topper of Acting for his part in quiet film “The Artist” released in the year 2010, said that the Oscar doesn’t mean to the extent that him as he imagines it would to an American performer, and the Oscar award is the best symbol for excellence of American actors.

Winning An Oscar Was Fabulous : Jean Dujardin

The famous director Jean Dujardin said “the excellent words are, there is a symbol of excellence of artist around the Oscar, However I never purchased it. The winning of this award is a great achievement for me. This was a fabulous experience for me forever, however, if we will keep those things aside, I’m a French actor, I am not from America and I am loving to perform in my language”.

The executive, who additionally pretended parts in Hollywood blockbusters “The Wolf of Wall Street” which was closed by performing artist Leonardo Dicaprio and in “The Monuments Men” which was closed with the character George Clooney, is presently taking more part in European movies. These movies are taking with the valuable parts in the movies of European.

Dujardin said he might want to show up in art house ventures, for example, “The Wonders” and said: “Contemporary Italian silver screen is truly extraordinary and moving nowadays.”

At present he wants to make films “the wonders”, and his days moving for those making of films. Present day’s Italian silver screen is very excellent when compared to other screens.

The director Jean Dujardin also has the thought of making the new films with the help his brother Marc via.