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Workout to Change Your Body

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The human body has an incredible ability to adapt to most types of stress. After all, these adaptations are what make it possible for us to gain strength, build endurance, and lose weight! With that being said, performing the same routines over and over again can lead to a stall in progress, something commonly referred to as a plateau. If your progress has slowed or stopped altogether, don’t get discouraged! All you need to do is change your workout to change your body!

The Dreaded Fitness Plateau

It’s normal for your first fitness trainer certification plateau to occur within 8 to 12 weeks of beginning a routine. Unfortunately, it’s not unheard of for it to happen sooner. Simply put, if your body is no longer being challenged, you will fail to see change. At that time, instead of quitting exercise you need to change your exercise.

Change Your Workout to Change Your Body

The good news is that working past a plateau is actually pretty simple! All you need to do is switch up one or two components of your fitness trainer certification and workout at a time. Usually, this will produce enough of a change to shock your body back into motion! So, what exactly do you have to change?

If your current workout routine isn’t challenging, it’s time to make a change. The first way to switch up your workout is by swapping out one or two old moves for new ones! Select a move that forces you to work in a different plane of motion. Instead of squats, try walking lunges or side lunges. Perform medicine ball twists or ankle tap crunches in place of planks. Working for the same muscle groups from a different angle can have a huge, positive impact on your progress.

Another way to change up your exercises is to trade a bodyweight move for a weighted-one. Replace push-ups with dumbbell chest presses, or chair dips with weighted kick-backs. Throwing in a move that challenges your body to work in a new way will allow you to continue progressing.

Simple Changes for Incredible Results

Remember, you don’t have to change all of these things at once. You just have to swap one or two at a time! Though, you can simply add more exercise to your current exercise. Incorporate some out-of-the-box exercises during fitness trainer certification, play around with different sets and reps, or maybe just take a day off to rest and relax.


Whenever we talk about exercise, that means we are talking about the health and fittest bodies inside out. But not every exercise suits to everyone’s that’s why some exercise doesn’t give us remarkable results. Its the same as some people affect a single glass of water, while others do overeating but still look fittest, but actually, they are not. Keep in mind that sometimes the smallest change can produce the greatest outcome! If you embrace these tips, it won’t be long before you begin seeing results again!