3 Most Beautiful Seaside Cities In Croatia

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The phenomenal beauty of Croatia attracts thousands of travelers to set foot on its seashores each year. This nation is a mesmerizing fusion of untarnished natural splendor and intriguing historical artifacts that have been preserved in the face of urbanization. The national parks of this region are replete with surreal landscapes and rare species of flora and fauna whereas the cities are portals to the Croatia of the past. The terrain is dotted with glorious pieces of architecture and the coastline is grazed by the sapphire blue waves of the Adriatic Sea. These fascinating elements come together to create a destination so magical that it seems too good to be true. Here are some of the most alluring seaside cities in Croatia that perfectly capture the charm of this magnificent country.


3 Most Beautiful Seaside Cities In Croatia

The city of Sibenik is the gateway to the spectacular Krka National Park that is known for its gurgling waterfalls and serene environment. However, the city also holds some beautiful treasures of its own. The imposing structure of St. James Cathedral is a marvelous sight, as is the St. Michael’s Fortress that looms over the sea and the Krka River. The Medieval Monastery Mediterranean Garden displays rows after rows of medicinal plants and herbs and is the perfect spot for a pleasant afternoon stroll. Housed in a palace that dates back to the 17th century is the Sibenik City Museum, which exhibits artifacts from different chapters of this city’s history. Several intricately designed churches are scattered throughout this ancient city while the local aquarium is a more recent addition that is ideal for a rainy day.


3 Most Beautiful Seaside Cities In Croatia

The most iconic monument of the city of Split is the Diocletian’s Palace, a marvel of architecture that once served not only as a royal residence but also as a self-sufficient fortified town. This impressive building that faces the harbor was constructed with the finest limestone from the island of Brac and marble from Italy and Greece. The massive structure still houses a majority of the population of the Old Town and also holds various shops and restaurants for the tourists. The juxtaposition of an urban lifestyle against the backdrop of medieval architecture is incredibly enchanting. If you crave for some fresh forest air then head over to the slopes of Marjan Hill, a natural paradise just a stone’s throw from the main town. The beaches of this region are also worth a visit to enjoy the tranquil music of the waves. The city is easy to navigate, and if you need help eager Split taxi transfer agencies will take care of everything.


3 Most Beautiful Seaside Cities In Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik is a glorious display of the fine architecture of the medieval ages. The mighty stone walls around the periphery of the city have been guarding Dubrovnik against intruders for centuries. These walls include several towers and gates that pay homage to the grandeur of the ancient town. Opulent monuments, such as the Sponza Palace and the Rector’s Palace, add to the beauty of the town while the lively atmosphere of the main street or Stradun represents the local culture of this region. The cobbled pathways and the red-roofed houses add a rustic element to this city whose majestic landscape was chosen to depict the fictional city of King’s Landing in the popular television drama Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik has indeed kept the candle of ancient heritage burning in the modern times.

These pearls of the Croatian coast hold some of the most remarkable sights of the country. A visit to these splendid destinations offers a glance at the local culture and also provides an insight regarding the rich history of the region. A feast for all the senses, these cities will ensure that you do not experience a single dull moment on your Croatian vacation.

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