4 Healthy, Engaging Recreation Activities To Get Yourself Outside

4 Healthy, Engaging Recreation Activities To Get Yourself Outside

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If you spend too much time indoors either working or watching TV, you can improve your health and lifestyle by spending some time outdoors. There are hundreds of things to do outdoors that are fun and healthy. According to Dick Van Dyke, who is approaching 93 years, when the blood is moving and the circulation is good, it changes you. This is especially true when you are riding a motorcycle. Here are four engaging recreation activities to get yourself outside.


Walking is an ideal exercise for any age. You can do it alone or with a friend or spouse, around your neighborhood, in a park, or if possible over hills and through a forest. No special training is needed just a good pair of walking shoes. After walking for some time, you may feel like jogging. Just remember that running puts a lot of load on the joints and ligaments, which can cause problems later. If you want to jog, you may want to organize a regimen that is customized for your good health.


Motorcycling is exciting whether you go off-road, race, or go on road trips with your friends. It is a wonderful way to get outside and see the amazing wonders of nature across the country. It’s also a challenging sport, when it comes to motocross.  Certain companies, like Bob’s Cycle & Snowmobile Supply, know that technology has affected every aspect of motorcycling from the machines to the helmets and other gear. Motorcycling is an engaging recreation activity that will make you want to get outside as quickly as possible.


Swimming is an ideal form of exercise for almost anybody and is especially useful for the frail, elderly, or overweight. There are many games you can play in the water and swimming exercises the whole body. Because it is not weight-bearing, you will not strengthen your bones. If you plan on swimming in the ocean, there will be safety issues to consider such as undertows, large waves, and if there is a lifeguard on duty.  Make sure to take heed of any posted signs if you choose to swim in the ocean, it can be hazardous.


Playing tennis can be very competitive and fun. Tennis can be just as effective as jogging for burning calories but the beauty of tennis is it challenges your mind and your body. The tactical aspect of the game is to occupy your mind while your body is getting a good workout. As people age, one way to reduce the fast pace of tennis is to play doubles, which can reduce considerably the amount strain.

There are many engaging activities available that make getting outside fun and useful for your health. Fresh air and exercise not only improves your health it lifts the spirit. Whether you want to feel the wind on your face while riding along Route 66, or see how many laps you can do in an Olympic-sized pool, getting yourself outside is a good way to spend your time.