5 Beautiful Parks In New Zealand

5 Beautiful Parks In New Zealand

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New Zealand is a place that is full of nature that you just can’t get enough of. For adventure seekers and nature lovers, it is the ideal destination for a fun-loving and awe-inspiring vacation. Whether you travel in a motorhome hire New Zealand or you take a car to go to your favorite locations, you will be sure to have the time of your life.

If nature is what you are looking for, then you may want to visit New Zealand’s best national parks. To help you plan your trip, following are the most beautiful parks in New Zealand:

5 Beautiful Parks In New Zealand

  1. Tongariro National Park

If you have seen the Lord of the Rings, you have seen how entirely beautiful Tongariro National Park is, as much of the landscape was filmed in one of New Zealand’s best-known parks. It is no wonder that this place is so iconic—with it’s incredible mountains and volcanoes, gorgeous lakes and hot springs, vast meadows and rivers, this park deserves a World Heritage Site title, both for its incredible nature and strong Maori significance.

  1. Abel Tasman National Park

This national park will be a favorite for beach lovers. Set right on sandy beaches with crystalline waters, the beauty and charm of Abel Tasman National Park is unmatched by any other national park in the country (it’s the only national park on a coastline). This national park offers a myriad of activities that visitors can enjoy in the sun, sand, and water and provides guests with views of beautiful cliffs, greenery, and of course, the gorgeous ocean where you may even get lucky and spot some seals.

  1. Arthur’s Pass National Park

If forests are where you feel the most comfortable, Arthur’s Pass National Park is incredibly inviting. What makes it even more charming are the waterfalls and rivers that run through the park. With its snow-capped mountains, it offers incredible views and challenging hikes for the adventurous.

  1. Nelson Lakes National Park

Perfect for a nature get-away, Nelson Lakes National Park is a tranquil destination where many people love to go to simply rest and relax while observing the beauty of the forests, mountains, and lakes. While many other national parks offer a lot to see and do but in vast open spaces, the Nelson Lakes National Park provides visitors with an eye-full in a smaller area making it all that much more impressive.

  1. Tai Poutini National Park

It’s surprising how many gorgeous parks can be found in a relatively small country, but New Zealand does a great job at appreciating its natural beauty. From being able to explore glaciers to soaking in hot pools, Tai Poutini National Park is yet another incredible national park that you will want to see when visiting New Zealand.

You can’t visit New Zealand without visiting at least one of the national parks. While Tongariro National Park is always a highlight for visitors, any of these parks will be worth your time to see and explore.

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