Which Cardio Machine Is The Most Productive?

4 mins read

With heart disease being the biggest cause of death on a global scale, performing cardio is essential in order to have a healthy body, mind and cardiovascular system. Most soon-to-be gym enthusiasts, however, have the same question on the tip of their tongues: Which cardio machine is the most productive? Although there is no clear-cut answer, the best cardio machine is the one that leaves you feeling satisfied after a workout. The crux of any successful cardio regimen is commitment to making that action a habitual behavior.


If you’ve stepped into a gym in recent years, you’ve seen dozens of people lined up on the elliptical. This machine can provide a wonderful workout while keeping the ligaments and joints safe during compromising movements throughout your activities. For older participants that suffer from joint pain, lower back issues or other health-related diagnosis, the elliptical will create a safe environment in which to workout in. Moreover, the handles on the machine synchronize with the user’s foot movements which creates a full-body motion as you perform the routine. This synchronicity promotes a full body workout that can shed pounds, increase lean muscle tissue and improve your overall stamina.

Although every person is different in terms of what cardio machine they enjoy, the Mayo Clinic seems to think the elliptical is vastly superior to other devices. They state that the backwards motion of the elliptical pedals provide users with a means of exercising their calves and hamstrings. This, in the long run, will equate to more calories burned per session and provide substantial results in terms of fat loss and cardiovascular health.

Stationary Bike

Another brilliant piece of equipment to experiment with during your cardio routine is the stationary bike. Many people within the fitness industry praise the stationary bike as it provides a low-impact workout while burning copious amounts of calories in a short period of time. In fact, sources claim that a simple 30-minute session on a bike can burn upwards of 260 calories throughout the body.

Users can also experience a plethora of internal benefits when they switch to bike workouts like lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate and an improved metabolism to burn unwanted fat. These days, once can even pass their time on the stationary bike by trying to win money in their favorite online games or even shopping for new workout clothes they’ll likely never use!


Last, but certainly not least, is the stairmaster machine. This device is targeted towards the individual that can withstand a moderate-impact workout without damaging their muscles or joints. The stairmaster provides the beneficial nature of cardio routines with the muscle-building benefits associated with heavy weightlifting and resistance training.

The beauty of the machine comes in that it strengthens and exercises the muscles within the core of the body. The core, in laymen’s terms, is the belt of muscles that lie within the abdominal and lower back region. These muscles, when strengthened and toned, can relieve lower back pain and help improve your balance and athleticism. During a stairmaster session, these areas, along with the legs, are responsible for the stepping movements required to move the stairs.