5 Celebrities that Look Amazing in Mens Kilts

5 Celebrities that Look Amazing in Mens Kilts

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When you think of whichmale celebrities would rock mens kilts, they’re probably of Irish or Scottish descent. If they’re names aren’t Ewan McGregor or Gerard Butler, you’re probably thinking of guys in the fashion industry. Is there anyone whodoesn’t rememberKanye West in that famous leather kilt? Surprisingly, there are actually more celebs than you realize that wear kilts for men, and they look absolutely amazing in them.

If there’s one item every male celebrity is wearing now, it’s the utility kilt. They’re trendy, comfortable and so, so sexy.Today’skilts for men have much more practical features included, like cargo pockets, buckles, and belt loops. They’re basically designed with all the functional details that pants would have, but are much more freeing around your crotch. Sounds pretty heavenly, right?

5 Celebrities that Look Amazing in Mens Kilts

Male models and celebrities are wearing mens kilts for both casual and high profile events. Since the utility kilt is still fairly new, there’s no “wrong” way of wearing one.You should play around with different styles until you find a look that fits you. So, if you feel like wearing them with sneakers or oxfords, just go for it. The choice is yours.

You’re probably wondering where exactly you can get your hands on some cool, USA kilts for sale. As much as you’ve seen them in the media or on the runway, it’s not easy finding cheap kilts for men that look as trendy as designer lines… until now.

You can actually find the most on-trend selection of mens kilts on Differio.com. Differio sells unique and trendy mens clothing online, including an insane collection of mens kilts. They sell way more than plaid kilts that look like the traditional Irish kilt. On top of tartan-style prints, you can shop their kilts for sale, including thecamo tactical kilt, athletic sport kilt and leather modern kilt. Now you can finally cop celebrity kilt style without spending a fortune.

Ready for some men in kilts with mind-blowing style? Here are five unexpected famous dudes that look amazing in mens kilts.

  1. Vin Diesel
  2. Diddy
  3. Sting
  4. Jason Mamoa
  5. Ed Westwick