Standard Features to Expect in a Luxury Apartment

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You have heard of luxury apartments before, but you might be hesitant because you are afraid that the amenities and facilities available are not as good as those in 5-star hotels. This is totally wrong. The truth is that the amenities are just the same or even better. Here are the standard features found in most luxury apartments that may or may not be found in a hotel room.


In hotel rooms, cooking is usually not allowed. You may use the microwave oven, but that’s it. In luxury apartments, you have a huge countertop and an entire functional kitchen with all the equipment and utensils you need. This makes it easier for you to cook for your kids or even for yourself when you miss the food back home.

Bigger closets

Generally, hotel rooms are less spacious. They also try reducing the size of the furniture inside to fit everything in. If you are staying for a night, perhaps it would work. Staying longer means that you have more clothes with you. It is better to have bigger closets to fit them all in. The luxury apartment would then be a perfect choice.

Laundry area

Hotels have laundry service, but the cost is very high. In luxury apartments, you can wash the clothes yourself. There is laundry area equipped with washers and dryers. You can find apartments with these machines inside or there is a separate area within the building.

Living room

Some hotels also have a living room. The problem is that when you get this type of room, it is surely expensive. It could be twice as expensive as a regular hotel room, or even more. In luxury apartments, almost all units have a living room. It is already part of the package. If you are travelling as a group and there is not enough space inside the bedroom, others can utilise the living room.


Obviously, hotels have housekeeping. Not many people know that luxury apartments have this too. You just have to inform them that you want this service and it will be provided whenever you need it.

Retail stores

When you stay in a hotel, you might be near other key places. However, there is a need to leave the hotel for you to access them. For instance, if you have become really hungry in the middle of the night, you either have to leave the room or take snacks from the minibar which are really costly. In luxury apartments, you can just go downstairs where there are convenience stores available.

These reasons should convince you that luxury apartments are way better. For your next trip to Edinburgh, why don’t you consider renting one of the luxury apartments in Edinburgh – you might just love the experience.

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