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5 Essential Technological Skills That Every HR Professional Require

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The job role of an HR professional comes with distinctive vital responsibilities. Multi-tasking and handling several requirements is a common ability that we often observe in an HR professional.

Even though the majority of duties of HR are people-oriented, this function requires support from the technological aspect. In fact, in today’s world, technology backed assistance is essential in every field and profession.

Whether it is knowing about the HR software in Bahrain or other located companies, the list of HR-related technology skills is long.

However, we have enumerated 5 major technological skills that every HR needs to know.

1. Human Resource Information Software

The practice of HRMS in Bahrain or anywhere in the world is incomplete without knowing Human Resource Information Software (HRIS). It is a perfect combination of IT and HR.

Softwares that fall under the HRIS category helps to minimize several tasks with high-efficiency. For instance, the BambooHR software assists the individual in payroll administration, performance evaluation of employees and many other tasks.

The chances of error in accomplishing these tasks are less since these HRIS are technologically advanced. Provided for better results out of this software, the HR professional must possess the skill to use them efficiently.

2. Social Media Managing

The Social Media platform has become a significant part of everyones life. Now we all know social media does not come in the category of skills. But posting something random over the social media will not help you with anything.

Sometimes, in order to attract new candidates in the organization, an HR professional requires social media knowledge. You need to know about the basic knowledge and tactics of social media that would help garner the efficient candidates.

3. Knowledge of Reporting and SQL

The organization you are working with has an ample number of sorted data, however, if you are not able to access them when required it is of no use for later. Hence, it is extremely essential for an HR professional to know where to find the specific data and the method to extract them immediately.

In compliance with this, he or she must know the formal way to present those extracted data in front of higher authorities. For such sophisticated and comprehensive tasks, the HR professional must know the use of tools such as Structure Query Language (SQL) along with report generators.

4. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

The world has become highly technological these days. Some of the tasks are technologically attained. For instance, today the task of sorting out the candidates is not possible by manual resume selection.

The number of applicants for employment have been reaching extreme heights. Plus, most of the candidates these days generate digital resumes. For the reasons as such, the HR professionals these days need knowledge of using the Applicant Tracking System.

This system helps in sorting out loads of resumes in a jiffy without much of a hassle. In fact, many companies rely on this system to pass the data from the candidate’s resume and check for similarity with the company’s database.

This helps in sorting the most efficient and apt candidates for the organization.

These technological skills help the HR professional in achieving their tasks easily and efficiently. In the modern world, getting yourself updated with these essential technological skills is extremely significant. From using HR software in Bahrain or other places to using ATS, you need to possess these skills for sure. The majority of companies these days use HRMS in Bahrain and many other locales globally.


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