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4 Different Types of Industrial Thermometers to Explore

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Thermometers are not just to check whether you have a fever, they even work as a useful component in different industries. But to solve that purpose, of course, you need specific industrial thermometers.

In today’s market, finding an industrial thermometer is not so difficult. You can easily explore a wide range of products and tailor them to your needs. But the question is – will the product you choose be perfect for your job?

Since there is a comprehensive range of thermometers, it is important to pick up the exact industrial thermometer you need. For example, a remote reading thermometer is specifically designed for food storage cabinets.

Let’s talk about some variants of industrial thermometers that are presently available in the market.

4 Types of Industrial Thermometers

  1. Infrared Thermometers: Infrared thermometers are purposely designed for non-contact measurement. These thermometers are equipped with a non-contact feature that makes them superb in their job, especially when they are dealing with extremely high or low temperatures. They involve a laser targeting system that can easily target the center of the measurement area with a simple trigger. The laser targeting system thus provides 100% accuracy, allowing you to target the area finely.

    Infrared thermometers are primarily used in places that include automotive trade and air conditioning systems.

  2. K-Type Thermometers: K-type thermometers are primarily used in laboratories and industries where there is a high possibility of extreme temperatures.

The notable feature of this type of industrial thermometer is its range of interchangeable plug-in probes. Now, you must be wondering – what’s the term K-type all about? This is basically a probe metal composition that is used for a specific purpose.

Other than the broad temperature measurement ranges, the thermometer is featured with high accuracy, dual-sensor models for comparison, fast performance, and variant resolution.

  1. Remote Reading Thermometers: These thermometers are purposely made for storage purposes. These involve freezers or refrigerators and are thus strongly recommended by the food and beverage industry. The surprising thing about these thermometers is they do not introduce a thermowell to perform their job. However, you have that freedom to attach a thermowell.

    Apart from the food and beverage industry, the thermometer is even useful for the HVAC domain. Some interesting features of remote reading thermometers are they are gas-filled and constructed with a panel mounting. They even have stainless steel covering and can be purchased at a reasonable price at prominent destinations.

  2. Adjustable Angle Thermometers: Adjustable angle thermometer is another industrial thermometer that are used for adulterated readings. No other thermometer can provide such an accurate reading as this one. The freedom to change the angle along with its deviation makes the thermometer much more fascinating and effective.

    These adjustable angle thermometers are featured with dual temperature measuring access. This makes the device perfect for monitoring ventilation and air conditioning system


So, which one are you planning to buy? Remote reading thermometer, infrared thermometer or a k-type thermometer? Whatever it may be, make sure you choose the best thermometer dealer nearby and get your problem solved.

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