5 Instagram Poets You Should Be Following in 2019

5 Instagram Poets You Should Be Following in 2019

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If you’re fed of Kylie Jenner’s posts, and your Instagram is drying despite the spicy DM’s that you’re getting, then poetry is the best redemption for your feed. Not only will it make your Instagram new feed bloom, but it will give you a perspective and a pathway to self-reflection.

Here are the top 5 poets that will leave a huge impact on your train of thoughts:

1. Arch Hades

Arch Hades developed her penchant for poetry at a very young age. She is a woman that knows how to make the broken parts of herself feel like they are a whole before they were separated from their structure. Her poems are lyrical and leave the reader with a lake of thoughts. Just a few months after starting out she has surpassed the 100,000 follower mark and is the author of “High Tide: Poetry & Postcards” where she compiled her poems and the postcards that she wrote to her friends and family. She regularly features in a lot of popular magazines and radio shows.

2. Lang Leav 

Lang Leave has published a lot of bestsellers like Lullabies and Memories, Love & Adventure. She has been starred in numerous publication such as The Guardian, The New York Times, etc. She lives with fellow author and love partner Michael Faudet. Her poetry is full of depth and feminine in nature. She has over 212k followers as of now.

3. R.M. Drake 

Every person on Instagram must have read a quote by this author. He is one of the pioneers of the #instagrampoet movement and has amassed over 1.5m followers with his prose and thoughts. His poems are full of depth and darkness. They exude elements of solitude, death, and love. He’s even been endorsed by a lot of celebrities.

4. rupikaur

She is one of the tycoons of the InstaPoet world. She is highly popular for writing about immigration, love, family, and feminism. She pairs her verses with hand-drawn illustrations that give a lot of image to her poetry. She only uses lower case letters and no punctuation in order to reflect the stream of thoughts. She has become extremely popular and tours cities across America to read her poetry to masses.

5. gemmatroypoetry ­

Gemma Troy has a very calming aesthetic and it shows in her poetry. She is Australian and her heritage gets evoked in her poetry when she speaks about the enchantment that nature brings. She also talks about love, life, family and friendship. You will feel at home with her writing and relate a lot because of the wide expanse of topics that she covers.

We hope you take a look through all of these brilliant poets and be a part of a very prolific movement whose only purpose is to beautify your daily life and keep you in touch with your heart. It is as important to nourish your brain as much as it is to nourish your heart.