Top 4 Tools for Software Developers

4 mins read

Information technology is the fastest growing industry in the world, particularly because it is affecting all other industries. The useful tools developed by IT professionals are utilized in healthcare, food, manufacturing, construction, retail, and every other industry.

As a result, software developers need to be agile in their software development process, be updated with information and best practices, and be competitive to be at the top and get the best clients. For this reason, numerous tools are being developed to aid this group of professionals to perform their job better and offer the best software, which will aid companies to be efficient and effective in their tasks.

Some of the best tools include CodeWars, Code Climate, Evernote, and Python. Here is how they help software developers.


Small challenges in programming are a perfect way to improve your coding skills. Similar to doing quick drawings, playing the violin, or going for football practice, coding challenges let you expand and strengthen the fundamentals of your programming. They are also a great way to familiarize yourself with coding languages that you lack a lot of experience.

CodeWars has hundreds of coding challenges that are grouped by difficulty, and are available in numerous languages. Other website tools that have programming challenges include HackerRank and Euler. The great thing about CodeWars is that you can view the highest rated solutions after making your submission. You can always find something to learn from these highly-ranked solutions.

Code Climate

Code Climate refers to an automated software analysis tool that aids in grading your app based on test coverage, style, duplication, security, complexity, and more. It comes with a 7-day free trial. Even though you might not be ready to incur the cost, this tool can offer you significant insights into the software quality of your work project or personal project.

As a programmer, one can tell when something is insufficient in the code. But it can be hard to know where exactly you need to begin improving the code. Code Climate offers an actionable beginning point when attempting to improve your software.


Software developers need to learn the latest trends in the technology industry for them to develop useful tools in the IT industry. Some useful information includes best practices, software requirements, keyboard shortcuts, and new technologies.

However, it can be hard to know what to read, especially where the current world is filled with lots of information about technology. This is where Evernote comes to help. The tool is free and offers you an external information source, keyboard shortcuts, commands, articles, a place to post learnings, and more. Since it is based on the cloud, it is always available on demand.


Every software developer needs learning Python for a very significant reason. Python is a robust high-level, object-oriented programming language that is very versatile. You can develop vast applications with Java and use Python to develop useful scripts for automation of tasks.

Additionally, Python has numerous modules that make about anything possible, from machine learning to developing web applications and accessing the file system. Python has an easy-to-use and simple syntax, which makes it an ideal language for anyone attempting software programming for the first time.


These tools are helping software developers to create quality programs and remain competitive in their industry. Whether it is improving skills through coding challenges, incorporating the demanded machine learning into the code, checking the quality of the code and knowing where to improve, or accessing personalized information, these tools will work to help you develop high-quality software that your clients will love.