5 Legal TV Shows Every Aspiring Lawyer Must Binge-Watch

5 Legal TV Shows Every Aspiring Lawyer Must Binge-Watch

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So, let’s accept it- almost all of us were drawn, at least once, towards law, solely because it has looked so amazing on TV. We would’ve wanted to help people with their legal documents like creating property papers, drafting a free Will kit template, power of attorney and so on.

Certainly, reasons like ‘economic prosperity’, yearning to contribute to the judicial system and ‘prestige’ might have been the causal aspects. But would the thought of becoming an attorney have seemed to be so enthralling were it not for the hard work put in by Alicia Florrick or Alan shore?

The truth is, we owe great deal to TV shows casting the exercise of law in such a persuasive light – which is the sole reason why we conducted a survey to decide the top 5 legal TV programs that every aspiring lawyer must watch.

Well, all the votes have been computed and the result has been finalised, and irrespective of whether you agree with it or not, one cannot deny the influence these shows have on us!

LA Law

A series which was originally released in the year 1986, LA Law showed the talent of some of the world’s best attorney and judges. This legal TV show is often depicted as one of the greatest programs for showcasing law companies of all time. This is solely because it sheds light about various kinds of legal trading on its audience, which happen to take place on a regular basis.


Suits is an engaging program that embarks upon distressing problems that one faces in their day-to-day life and needless to say, the best source of entertainment. A must-watch show, it showcases scenes from a real as well as funny perspective and provides priceless insights about the life of an attorney. Rejoicing blatant egoism, Suits has come up with some the finest legal one liner, entailing Harvey Specter’s classic:

“That is the difference between you and me. You want to lose small. I want to win big.”

This pretty much sums up ‘The Rainmaker’ dream, doesn’t it?

Law & Order

Started in the early 90s, Law & Order heads over Dick Wolf’s franchise kingdom. It is a show that hyped the format of “ripped from the headlines”, inspired 2 generations of lawyers and police officers and ran successfully for several seasons in comparison to other legal careers.

Unlike its spin off, this series has devoted an entire half of each episode to the hard work of prosecutors, making sure the show goes far beyond the well-known realm of ‘police procedural’. Apart from all of this, it has also set up itself as a famous courtroom drama.


Are you searching from some political conspiracy against the backdrop of London’s Shoe Lane Chambers? Well, look no further because Silk is what you’d want to watch!

Rather than producing another trial based legal program, Peter Moffat, the creator of Silk, came up with a show based on trial lawyers and their life in the chamber. So, you can for sure expect to see a program filled with political scandal, betrayal, short flings, cutthroat struggle and long hours to take silk.


A 22 part legal drama-cum-comedy, Crownies is depicted as an Australian lawful scene’s answer to Gossip Girl. Being commissioned for only one season, this TV show has failed to draw the attention of as many audiences as it had expected. However, its uproariously precise representation of the new Gen-Y attorney and local background has made it a huge hit.

So, there you have the verdict, these are some of the finest legal TV shows that one must binge-watch!

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