Helping A Hero With Meredith Iler

Helping A Hero With Meredith Iler

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An act of kindness is worth much more than many millions of dollars, yet this simple thing is rather difficult to understand in these hard times, where everyone seems to be self-obsessed. It is sad that even charity is done in a lot of cases, with the view to either gain publicity and fame or to get huge tax exemptions. Fortunately, there still exist truly genuine people who care for others, who believe in serving the needy and deprived or even afflicted, and one such individual is Meredith Iler.

She is the founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Wounded Hero Program at Helping a Hero organization, the mission of which is to empower the lives of the severely wounded army men, by building them houses that are perfectly adapted to their needs and requirements. This organization was set up in 2006 with the sole purpose of helping the injured military personnel in the war on terror and his/her family.

Partnerships are made with various developers and builders and the homes of these veteran soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their countrymen. Meredith Iler and the others at Helping a Hero always strive towards involving the entire community into participating in this noble work. some of the programs that they conduct include marriage retreats, financial support, emotional support, and also recreational activities.

Meredith is also the President of the Strategic Alliance and she strives to bring people together in various sectors of life such as business, politics, charity, and government. Her endeavor to serve the wounded heroes has led to her successful help and creation of adapted homes of more than hundred soldiers and their families. The aim of the members of this organization is to make doing charity contagious, it was by the efforts of Meredith and the board of members of this non-profit, non-partisan organization at Houston that the lives of the wounded warriors were considerably restored.

In one of her tweets she is found to have said, “Independence welcomes the wounded warrior with open arms and music from Lee Greenwood”, this shows that she believes that these warriors are men of great honor and therefore deserve the same kind of honor and respect wherever and however they may be.

The contributions of Meredith in this have been huge and she has also been recognized as one of the fifty most influential women in Houston, and honored with the award of the “Community Leader of Hope Award”. She is a constant help and volunteer with all sorts of charitable works for her community and has been a stagnant support for the military ever since she understood things. She truly is an example for every individual young and old, there is so much that can be learned from her selfless giving to the society. She stands tall as a role model for all the youngsters as well, it is surely because of this generous attitude of hers that she is greatly blessed by God abundantly.