5 Mind Blowing Facts Of Paris You Probably Don’t Know

5 Mind Blowing Facts Of Paris You Probably Don’t Know

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Paris is full of secret streets and city lights, paris is a beauty enriched with history, culture, love and art all over.

Paris is one of the most famous city which attracts travellers of all across the globe. Paris have gone through extensive change as people transformed the city in a best possible modest way.

There’s a reason why paris is called one of the beauties of earth. You will never get tired of this city as every visit give something new to discover.

There are so many hidden facts about the city that you never heard about in your life. Believe it or not “paris” was not always paris and eiffel tower was not built with a motive to carry forward permanently.

5 Mind Blowing Facts Of Paris You Probably Don’t Know

Here are some hidden facts about paris that you are not aware about yet :-

1. Statue of liberty in paris

We all know paris has a replica of statue of liberty so it is no more a secret or hidden mystery but do you know that there are 3 replicas in paris. Yes you read it right! Paris made 3 replicas exactly same as america’s statue of liberty. the most interesting fact is, one of them is facing new york indicating a sign of friendship between the two.

2. Temporary eiffel tower

Today, We all know eiffel tower as a global culture icon of france but at the time when it is built in 1889. The aim was to keep it for maximum 20 years and deconstruct it later on. It has faced lot of criticism by the artists earlier for its design however, after a while it became so famous that currently it is the most visited paid monument of the world. More than 6.5 million people have visited in 2015 just to get the glimpses of this tower of love.

3. Streets all over

If you’re a person who do not like to take a walk then get used to it, if the plan is to visit paris this vacation. Paris has total 6,100 streets which is lot in numbers, the shortest one is “rue des degres” which is just 5 meters long. On the other hand, the longest one is “Rue de Vaugirard” stretched upto 4 kms (appx).

4. First city to host public screening

Yes! France was the first city hosted film screening for public, two brothers auguste and louis were passionate about filmmaking and decided to conduct a screening for public in december 1859. They screened 50 films of 10 second each which seemed realistic to the people of that era.

5. Way to top

Eiffel tower has more than 1,665 steps, visitors have to climb all the stairs in order to reach the top of eiffel tower. Although, you can take a elevator and make things easier for you anytime.

There are hundreds of hidden facts that would be amazing to explore when you visit the place yourself. No doubt, most of you have already gave a thought to visiting paris this year while reading the article. Don’t worry get your cheap flights as this is the best time to get the most fascinating deals on flight tickets.