7 Top Destinations For Active And Adventurous Vacations

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The Swiss Alps

When it comes to adventure vacation destinations, the swiss alps are always on the top of the list as they offer an active trip down during both summers as well as the winters. It is the best place for skiing during the winters and is yet another spot for biking and hiking during the summers. Apart from that there are multiple meadows as well as lakes that are sure to fill your soul with pure adventure.

7 Top Destinations For Active And Adventurous Vacations

Diamond Highlights, Brazil

The country brazil in itself is a great country and is known for the number of sights and active trip spots that are present in the country. One such place in the country is the Diamond Highlights that is huge and can offer you a great get away. Waterfalls, underground cavern pools, and the swimming offered by the Poco Azul are absolutely amazing.


If you are planning for an active trips including scuba diving and snorkel, then Iceland is the most outstanding of all for you. Although, the chilly weather in the iceland can sometimes make you go super cold but it is an experience of the lifetime that you must go for.  

Lakes Region, Chile

Chile is a beautiful country and the southern lake region of the country has a bit of both german as well as the swiss influence that makes it more drool worthy. Also, the small yet comforting cafes and restaurants that are located in the southern region are sure to lure heart. Trekking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing and many other fun activities await you in the Lake region of Chile.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The historical remains of the ancient khmer kingdom are sure to leave you awestruck with the art and beauty that prevailed during those times.It is also known as the world’s largest ever religious monument built so far. Also, it is an ideal place for hiking in the cambodian jungle. This monument is specifically an architectural one filled with numerous carvings and other beautifying elements.


Morocco is the place which isn’t known much for the active trips like that of surfing but a hidden gem in Morocco is the city of Agadir which offers absolutely amazing coastal areas for surfing you board. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the surfer’s paradise for the very obvious reasons. This is yet adventure vacation spot ideal for hiking, trekking and even for yoga treats.  

Galapagos ISland, Ecuador

There is a geological history pattern associated with the chain of the islands generally referred to as the galapagos islands. It is the ideal place for spotting some of the extremely endangered species including galapagos penguins, flamingoes, giant tortoise, sleeping sharps, iguanas and much more. This place brings you to a close proximity of the nature and also offers you some crazy active trips for surfing, underwater diving, snorkeling, hiking and boating.

The nature holds such a great number of adventure sports for us humans to explore that it is quite difficult to mention them all here. The list is never ending but some of the top picks present throughout the world that offer some great active trips to people are mentioned in the above section of the blog. You can use the information for planning a active trips to some amazing adventure vacation destinations.