5 Next Big Things In SEO In 2018

5 Next Big Things In SEO In 2018

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SEO is an ever evolving landscape. Every year we see new algorithms and search engine updates that decide the future of SEO for that year. 2018 too has dawned in with the possibility of a bunch of new trends. Mobile-first indexing, increasing voice search are fast gaining grounds and so are newbies like featured snippets. Here is a brief on the top search engine optimization trends to watch out for this year.

Mobile-first indexing

It’s no secret that mobile searches have already surpassed traditional desktop searches big time. Google has fast reciprocated to the new shift with its mobile-first indexing proposition. So, what does that mean? Mobile-first indexing refers to the process where Google ranks search listings on the basis of mobile adaptation of a web content. And that includes listings which are displayed for desktop users as well. Put simply, from this year onwards, signals which used to influence searches from smartphones only will become signals which will impact all searches.

Voice-enabled search is on rise

As per reports from Google, 1 in 5 searches online comes through voice queries of late. Thus, voice search is fast on its way to be one of the hottest SEO trends in 2018. The increasing use of voice search is largely influenced by rising use of digital assistants such as Siri or Google Now. Alongside, we have observed growing sales of smart speakers in American households in recent times. Rise in voice-enabled technology has redefined the very way our search questions are performed today. It’s true that people are more comfortable speaking out their wants than typing.  No wonder, the best SEO company in Houston today advises website owners to focus on long-tail keywords that can duly emulate voice queries.

Increasing range of SERP features

The search result pages are no longer limited to blue website links and Google Ads. A number of other SERP features too have popped up in recent times. From Knowledge panels to local packs to featured snippets- a lot of new features sit on top of SERPs these days. As they sit on top, they are fast to distract searcher’s attention from the organic listings on latter half of the pages. Thus, one of the biggest SEO trends of 2018 is to optimize content for these new SERP features as well.

Rise in linkless backlinks

Linking has always been a crucial SEO strategy for years. But Google pins on high quality and relevant backlinks while deciding the ranking of a content. However, in recent times, it’s not only about the quality of links. In fact, it’s also about the content around your hyperlinked text. Search engines are now able to associate the mention of companies, brands, people or organizations without the necessity of links to their webpages. Thus, from this year onwards, relevant content will be equally important along with the backlinks.

More number of search engines

While Google & Bing are still the topmost search engines- we are soon to see rise of many other search engines on the online space. One of the most crucial SEO trends of 2018 will be to optimize your content for these search engines as well.