Save Some Cash and Be Healthy: How To Eat Great On A Budget

Save Some Cash and Be Healthy: How To Eat Great On A Budget

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With all of the value meal deals being advertised by fast food chains, it’s hard not to eat unhealthily. Not only is it tempting to eat French fries and processed burgers, it’s also convenient, and easier, for busy modern-day professionals. Unfortunately, that convenience comes at a cost. It might seem affordable when you’re tallying up the cost of a single meal, but eating out has its own expenses.

Eating out too much can take a serious toll on your health, leading to medical conditions and the potential need for medical attention. Reversing the effects of eating unhealthy can take time, and be a lengthy process, but that’s why it’s important to start eating healthy now. If you’d like to adopt healthier eating habits but fear that the change in lifestyle will be too expensive, these tips are here for you! Here are a few ways to not only save you some money, but to help you eat healthy on a budget.

Make Yourself Smoothies and Green Drinks with In-Season Produce

One way to detoxify your body and boost your immune system is to drink green juices that are freshly blended and that contain fruits and vegetables that are packed full of antioxidants. In fact, the best things to put in the body are things that grow from the earth naturally and that aren’t processed in some food manufacturing plant.

You might be worried that making your own fruit and veggie drinks would cost a small fortune over the course of a month. Believe it or not, in this scenario it will actually cost you less to buy fresh, never-frozen produce. A great way for eating healthy on a budget is to buy the produce that’s currently in-season. If you buy produce off-season, you’ll have to pay the added fees that accumulate from growing and importing. Sticking with in-season options, preferably those sold by local farmers at farmer’s markets will keep your budget low.

Order Your Groceries Online and Buy the Unprocessed Options

If you’re like the majority of individuals who hate to grocery shop, you can skip the chore and ensure that you stay in budget by ordering all of your primary foods online. Walmart, Amazon, Sprouts, Vons and other large retailers are all entering into the delivery services business. You could make recurring orders or order specific goods and wait for a same-day delivery.

If you are ordering online and you want to stay health-conscious, try to fill your ecommerce cart with unprocessed foods. Not only are processed foods unhealthy for you because of the additives, they are also more expensive because it is handled by more manufacturers before it ever reaches the grocery store. If you order online you can get the unprocessed foods delivered straight to your door and you can keep track of what you’re spending right before your eyes.

Substitute Meat for Other Proteins

Protein is important when you’re eating healthy. It helps to keep you full and repairs your tissues when they’re damaged. Unfortunately, the cost of quality meat can add up. You might not be able to eat the best cuts of steak or chicken breast every day, but it’s good to weave it into your diet here and there.

Another option is to find substitutes for meat so that you can save cash while still avoiding the temptations to eat snacks. Try to buy other high-protein and low-cost goods so that you’re not always stuck cooking beef, chicken, and fish. Some healthy alternatives include eggs, cottage cheese, and quinoa.

Buy Items with a Longer Shelf Life in Bulk

Buying in bulk can save you loads of money. You’re buying more units of a good so the cost to shelve that product is less for the wholesaler, therefore the savings are passed on to you. You can’t buy tons of salad and fruit in bulk unless the fruit can be frozen, but you can buy items with a longer shelf life so that you always have a stock of beans, rice, and oats to complete your meals.

Whenever you visit a grocery store, make sure you eat some protein that fills you up. You can easily be tempted on an empty stomach when you’re looking at some of your favorite labels. Be sure that you’re looking for rewards, compare sale ads, and stick with the local options first. This is a great way to stay on-budget and healthy.

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