5 Things That Should Be Done by A First Time US Immigrant

5 Things That Should Be Done by A First Time US Immigrant

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Almost all of us have this dream of being a part of the most developed country of the world. But it’s not easy to get there and even if you manage to reach the US, the stay is not going to be easy. You need to go through a lot of formalities till the time the USA is not sure of their safety. They make sure that any immigrant that reaches US is not a threat to it. Whether you are a businessman, student or a worker- it’s important to have a few documents in USA to have an easy and hassle-free life in the States.

5 Things That Should Be Done by A First Time US Immigrant

Here is a list of the first five things that a first-time US immigrant should take care of.

  1. Mailing and Residential Address: Before starting off with anything else, set up a mailing address. For all items like bank account, driving license, social security etc. a residential address is essential. You can even use your office or university’s address but that won’t be a permanent solution. It can take a week or even more than a week but take time out and get it done. You can also visit USA Visa Consultantsin order to get help in the house hunting process.
  2. Bank Account: This is co-related to the first point as opening a bank account is only possible when you have a valid residential and mailing address. Banks also require social security to open accounts. Another important thing is try to find out about a credit union affiliation from your employer. It is very helpful in getting loans.
  3. Social Security Number: Once you land in the US, one thing you will immediately need is the social security number. It is a very important document for a US resident either permanent or temporary. A resident who doesn’t have this document doesn’t get paid by their employers. It’s also very important for filing tax returns at the end of a year. The day you join office, the first thing that you should do is to fill the form to get a SSN for yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have a permanent address by then, you can use your office address as well. You can later update a different address. In USA Visit Visa Consultants, there are many who deal with the SSN.
  4. Phone: In the US, getting best deals on phone is a pretty tricky job. You will have to explore options to get a good deal on phones. One thing that you can do is you can buy a new phone on contract from a friend’s account. That would be the most reasonable option. You will get a phone on 2 years contract with free internet connection and a SIM card.
  5. Driving License: Before you register for a driving license, make sure you have a SSN with you. Without your SSN the procedure to get a driver’s license will remain incomplete. One thing that you can do till the time you don’t have a SSN is to take driving classes. The traffic rules in US are really strict and it’s difficult for a poor driver to clear the tests.

If you can do it on your own then nothing like it, but if you can’t then visit USA Visa Consultants for help.

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