5 Ways To Ensure Your Luggage Isn’t Damaged

3 mins read

One of the main concerns for most travelers is if their luggage will become damaged as they transport it. From going through security checkpoints to being loaded onto airplanes, it’s common for the items to become damaged. When you want to ensure that your luggage doesn’t break, there are a few valuable tips to follow.

Wrap It

Take advantage of the luggage wrap service station that is available at the airport where you can spend a few dollars to protect your luggage with durable plastic that will cling to the suitcase. The plastic wrap will offer a custom fit around your suitcase to ensure that each part is fully covered and protected. Duct tape can also be used to cover sensitive areas that are prone to breaking.

Use Fragile Stickers

You may not be transporting a glass vase or a laptop in your suitcase, but you can increase the chance that your luggage is handled with care by adding a few fragile stickers to the outside of the case. Fragile stickers are hard to miss and will alert baggage handlers to use caution when loading it on or off the plane.

Use Hard Travel Cases

Hard travel cases are extremely durable and can withstand getting banged around. The solid material of the exterior of the case can protect valuable items from being damaged and will offer peace of mind when you’re taking it on the go.

Ship the Items

Shipping some of your items that you’re more concerned about breaking can allow them to arrive safely and is also a cost-effective method of transporting it. Shipping stores also offer insurance to ensure that you’re not responsible if damages occur while it’s en route to the destination.

Use a Luggage Protector

Luggage protectors are known as clear plastic sleeves that are easy to place onto your suitcase. The protectors feature cut-out areas on the handles or the wheels to ensure that you can continue to roll or carry the bag, but will add an extra layer of protection to prevent scuffs or tears. Luggage protectors are ideal to use on suitcases that feature fabric, which is more susceptible to damage while it’s transported.

When you want to protect your luggage while you’re flying by car or plane, there are several steps to take to reduce the risk of damage. With the right products used, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings will arrive in one piece.