6 Beauty Treatments That Will Take Over In 2019

3 mins read

The cosmetic beauty industry has experienced a number of trends over the past few years, largely down to social media. In a bid to achieve perfection, many people are choosing to go under the knife. The procedures are even getting more experimental and ambitious. So, here’s a look at some beauty treatments to expect in 2019:



  • Vampire Facial


This bizarre skincare treatment is a favourite of celebrities and influencers who are trying to attain perfect skin. It essentially involves blood being drawn from patients arm and being reinserted into the face using a dermal roller tool. The end result is said to be younger looking skin because the process encourages cell rejuvenation and collagen development.



  • Hair Restoration


Hair loss can be a particularly stressful experience for men and women. Many choose to seek help by getting a hair transplant Manchester. Losing hair can result in a lack on confidence and can even effect a person’s mental health. Newer treatments involve hair restoration via injections, lasers and sometimes light therapy. The treatments can greatly reduce the appearance of hair loss while also helping to thicken thinning hair.



  • Lip Fillers


Thanks to social media, lip fillers were one of the most popular cosmetic treatments of 2018. The treatment involves injecting dermal fillers into your lips and around the mouth to create a more plump pout. Many fillers contain naturally occurring substances such as hyaluronic acid which is found in the body, making the treatment safer than previous years.  



  • Fat Freezing


People are increasingly looking for ways to get the “perfect” body without having to put in the hard work at the gym. That’s where fat freeing, also known as coolsculpting Manchester, comes in. The treatment can be used to target key areas such as back fat, arms, flanks and thighs.  A gel pad is applied to the area which cools the fat.



  • Bone Lifts


Bone lifts is one of the newer cosmetic beauty trends. It gives the appearance of a more youthful face because the skin is uplifted using the bone structure underneath. It’s set to be the future of facelift surgery because of its ability to reverse the signs of ageing, all without needing injections. This treatment is still fairly new but watch this space for 2019.



  • “Glass Skin”


This procedure is more of an intense facial than cosmetic surgery, but it is a trend set to take over next year. What was originally a skincare craze that started out in Korea has now made its way across the pond. The treatment involves a carbon laser peel to target pigmentation, focussing on revitalising the top layer of your skin.