6 Essentials for Every Holiday

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The most exciting time of our year, an opportunity to relax, let off some steam, take yourself away from reality and just enjoy life. Our holidays could be anywhere, to another country, hot or cold, wet or dry, to a city or town in your country, another country, somewhere quiet, somewhere loud, a party holiday, a relaxation holiday I could keep going.

I have created a short list of the ultimate travel accessories and necessities that are useful in almost every holiday

We look forward to our holidays all year round, don’t we? Whether it’s skiing, sunbathing, touring or partying we possibly can’t contain our excitement. Whether you’re going with friends, family or on your own these six essentials are perfect for all holidays and all kinds of company.




Try your best not to forget your documents because you probably won’t be going on holiday, oops! Documents could be anything from your passport (including your families if necessary), visa,  insurance, driving license, boarding pass or travel cards, whatever is relevant to you and where you’re going.

Forgetting these could get you in a huge mess and potentially ruin your holiday.



What a life savour! You could be in an airport and your child (or best friend) is kicking and screaming because there phone or tablets died, this is one of those essentials that could just quite keep you sane.

For emergencies especially, like losing your friend in a club and your phones died or you’re on your own and you need to use google maps, in a foreign country this could work wonders!

World adaptors should help you out, but you can go wrong with taking a portable charger either, just for extra care.

This is one of those travel accessories that can keep your sanity or be there for you in most emergencies, I hope you don’t have an emergency but it’s better to be safe than sorry.



On holiday is one of the only times you can get away with wearing flip flops without people thinking you’re homeless so take advantage of it!.

Whether this is flip flops or your comfiest pair of trainers, boots or wedges packing these is a MUST. Who wants sore feet anyway? Especially on holiday, you underestimate the amount of walking and activities you actually do compare to normal and then when your carrying beach bags or your new skis or a small child or even your husband, the last thing you want to be wearing is your new, uncomfortable, blister-prone shoes. Whether its sand rubbing in your blisters or your getting blue, frostbitten toes it doesn’t sound nice either way or in-between.

Who wants to bother putting shoes on when you can slip on a pair of flip flops anyway?



I always used to look at my mum and think ‘why on earth would you want to read? You’re meant to be having fun?’  Well now I’m older, I get it! Getting lost in a good book whether you’re on the top of a mountain, on a plane or on a sunbed is the best, i even look forward to it. You can block out the surrounding noise including screaming babies, your own children, your hangover or your husband.

However some of you who aren’t the reading types (or are), headphones are another perfect way to escape. You can block out the surrounding noise by listening to music, a tour guide, an audiobook, just as an accessory so people selling things on the street think you can’t hear them. Headphones can even help you concentrate, focus or communicate easier (as you don’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket) when doing activities such as skiing or hiking.

In my personal opinion, this is the ultimate relaxation hack and one of those necessary travel accessories and a holiday essential.



Please, I beg you, do not forget clothes! (Unless you’re going to Magaluf, you will probably need the bare minimum.)

In my house anyway, we always pack one nice outfit for meals out or drinks out or visiting family and one comfy outfit for travelling in, touring in or activities, and then the bits and bobs in between. We don’t want to be paying extortionate prices at the airport because we’ve gone over the 20kg suitcase weight limit. Keep it light.

Just a little one to keep in mind, depending on where you’re going, dress appropriately according to laws or religious customs you don’t want to turn up in a bikini and end up getting arrested, I mean if you fancy spending your holiday in jail, go for it.

Lastly, especially in hot weather, clothes can be a great form of sunscreen, for yourself, for those with fair skin or your little kiddies who you can’t quite manage to catch to put suncream on. Sun poisoning is the worst.




What’s the point of going on holiday and if you’re not going to make everyone jealous, whether its taking pictures of your impressive tan lines, the view off your terrace, mountain ledge or party scene Mary on Facebook is ‘well jel’.

Not only is it about showing off, but it’s also about memories, holidays are designed to make memories. You would want to capture your sons first time on skis or your best friends first body shot, whatever tickles your fancy. You wouldn’t want to forget the food you ate at a local restaurant or when your whole family tries to catch crabs off the pier. Go and make some memories…