Couples Traveling Together

7 Effective Tips For Couples Traveling Together

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Traveling with your partner is the most exciting thing a couple in love can do. It’s always romantic and kind-of-dreamy when you and your partner explore and see the most beautiful and grand places together that you so often see in magazines and movies.

While being random and carefree while traveling reinforces your adventurous souls, there are always some tips that may help you minimize hassles and unfortunate things. Here’s a round-up of the 7 Effective Tips for Couples Travelling Together

1. Manage Your Expectations

Every day of your travel will not all the time be that all smiles, smoochy and cuddly moments that we often see in the movies. You’ll have transportation delays, lost directions, heavy and unmanageable suitcases and personal stress. So always be mindful of your partner, like when you get mad because you got irritated about something, never put the blame on him/her because it will just get worse. And please, please lower your expectations on things.

2. Practice Division Of Labor

Just because you’re the girl, you think you can just sit pretty and make your man do all the work? No, no. The relationship is about helping each other. So the division of labor means that you divide the work according to your strengths and abilities. For example, location work should be done by the one who’s good with maps while booking flights should be accomplished by the other who has a knack for searching for cheap flights.

7 Effective Tips For Couples Traveling Together

3. Divide Expenses

If your girl or your man is not some filthy rich person, then I guess both of you pay for your expenses. However, paying separately, for example, dinner, is unpractical and disorganized. It’s better to assign costs to one another. For example, the man pays for accommodation while the woman pays for the meals. Sounds fair enough?

4. Go Out of your Comfort Zones

Travelling is about wandering and getting lost (a little). So prepare to do things you’re uncomfortable doing and try to do all things together.

7 Effective Tips For Couples Traveling Together

5. Ask recommendations from Locals

Famous tourists spots tend to be very crowded, and the entrance lines are endless. If you want a diversion, ask locals in that particular area for unpopular and less visited attractions that can be an alternative. But if you can’t resist visiting famous spots, ask the locals for restaurant and shop recommendations as those near the spots tend to be very expensive and not worth the buck.

6. Loosen up

This kind of things doesn’t happen every day, so this is your chance, as a couple, to do fun and stupid things. Do some PDAin public, have a tequila shot from every bar in the area, spend minutes in a museum, and eat food that you haven’t tried before. You don’t need to be responsible citizens, just a couple in love!

7 Effective Tips For Couples Traveling Together

7. Relax on the Intimacy Front

Vacation sex can be very overrated. While it is fun to think of incredible and romantic sex nights, slow down guys. You came to see and explore a place, not just to make love with the hotel. And please, don’t tire yourselves too much, there are a lot of other marvelous things to do!

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