The Art And Science Of Making Your Office A Better Place To Live!

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Every person carries a set of energy which can either be positive or negative that greatly influences the environment where they reside. An office is a place where you find clashes of different energies of different people. It is a place where you will find files, folders, stationeries, lockers for staff, cubicles, electronics and much more apart from the human resources. Did you know that by properly placing these things you could direct positive energy in your office? Well, today let me take you through a few tips and techniques to organize your office so that you do not block the positive energy.

The Art And Science Of Making Your Office A Better Place To Live!

6 interesting feng shui tips to ace up the creativity as well the productivity of the staff

1. The perfect position:

If you are allotted a cabin of your own then make sure that your desk is facing the door, not too close, so that you can have a view of your visitors as well as the entire room. If there many employees in a single room, then the desks should be arranged in such a way that they neither sit back to back nor face to face as this greatly affects their productivity.

2. A crystallized office environment:

Crystals are one of the greatest sources of positive energy. Fill your office decor with crystals to enhance the positive element. There are a variety of crystals available in the market all for different fortunes. You have the Quartz, Aquamarine, Citrine and many such crystals that greatly influences positivity in the office environment.

3. Take care of the clutter:

Hiring a person who looks after the office maintenance, the lockers for staff members, the daily cleaning routine, etc contributes to keeping away the office clutter that disrupts the Feng Shui energy. A clutter not only blocks the neatness of your surroundings but also blocks the emotional, creative and spiritual aspects of the person who is surrounded by it. Hence it is essential to organize and maintain a clutter free office environment.

4. Plants enhancing positivity:

Scientifically speaking, plants are known to absorb carbon dioxide(the bad gas) and release oxygen(the good gas). The same principle applies in the world of feng shui. Placing a healthy plant on your desk would absorb all the toxins and release the positive energy, making your office a better place to work. To name a few we have the money plant, bamboo plant, orchids, aloe vera, holy basil and much more that generously contribute positive energy all around you.

5. Computers in the right place:

Nowadays computers have almost become ubiquitous in nature. The position of a computer also plays an important role in directing positive energy in the room. Place the computer either to the center or to your right side so that you minimize distractions and absorb the calmness that will be surrounded all over you.

6. Color me happy:

Colors play an important role in enhancing the different moods of a person. Red, blue, yellow and green are some of the colors that attract good energy into your office premises. Make generous use of colors to evoke all the positive emotions for a better office environment. 

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