9 Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

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Black seed oil, also known as Nigella Sativa, is known for its incredible benefits for our overall health and it has been used since ancient times to help us prevent many diseases and treat various conditions and diseases. There are numerous research articles across the web that speak about the effectiveness of thymoquinone, the main active compound of this oil, which plays the main role in preventing numerous health issues.

1. Preventing diabetes

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be successfully prevented if black seed oil is consumed regularly. What the oil does is partially regenerating pancreatic cells and lowers serum glucose and insulin levels. What’s more, it doesn’t cause unpleasant side effects such as stomach pain, headaches and bloating.

2. Fighting cancer

The active compound thymoquinone is able to fight cancer cells – it can reduce malignant colon tumors, cause pancreatic and breast cancer cell death, while also preventing cancer from spreading across the organism. One study even mentions that it’s possible that the combination of the active compound with chemotherapy can lower the toxicity of chemo and increase the effectiveness of the treatments. Many other cancers like leukemia, brain, prostate, oral, and bone cancers can be successfully fought with the help of black seed oil. Of course, it won’t work for everyone but it’s a means of fighting this terrible disease.

3. Anti-Inflammatory effects

Osteoporosis, a condition linked to inflammation, is one of many ailments that can be fought by thymoquinone, which inhibits various substances that cause many types of inflammation. Furthermore, it is able to inhibit molecules that lead to allergic airway inflammation in a person’s lungs.

4. Promoting skin health

If applied topically, black seed oil can help with removing acne and lesions in just two months because of its antimicrobial and immunomodulatory effects. It is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, making it a great anti-aging moisturizer throughout the day. It’s also useful in reducing wrinkles, having anti-aging properties. So, when it comes to looking after your skin and hair, this oil is the one to remember.

5. Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Once again, the active compound thymoquinone proved to be highly beneficial, this time by successfully inhibiting 30 types of pathogens. Several studies also proved that it prevents candida yeasts and Staphylococcus aureus from growing. Since candida is a huge issue because many modern diets are rich in processed sugar (perfect for the candida propagation), while staph infections are a common problem in hospitals, this benefit of black seed oil is highly valuable.

6. Reducing weight

Black seed oil plays a significant role when it comes to fighting obesity. Its secret is the many mechanisms that together trigger a significant weight loss in the end. Firstly, it lowers your appetite. Secondly, it reduces the amount of glucose absorbed by the intestines. Thirdly, It lowers triglyceride levels, as well as serum cholesterol. The body’s ability to use carbohydrates in an efficient way, which is also helped by black seed oil, is also a great contributor to weight loss. In short, the many benefits this oil provides our bodies with also indirectly help them lose the extra weight.

7. Removing erectile dysfunction

Roughly 50% of men struggle with erectile dysfunction. Most commonly, this disease is caused by high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, and, important to notice – obesity. Black seeds are an enormous help in fighting this disease by removing the causes of erectile dysfunction. Not only do they fight the causes, but they also increase testosterone level, which makes them excellent fertilizers. Of course, there are institutions like ed treatment clinic where people can seek a more effective medical solution to this problem in case they need fast results.

8. Boosting immunity

Black seed oil boosts our immunity completely naturally. It strengthens our T cells, whose job is to fight viral infections that attack our bodies. It also restores resistance against some very dangerous infections. Its effect on our immune system is so powerful that it is even able to protect our organism from radiation, as one study stated.

9. Protection against liver damage

Black seed oil has been proven to protect the liver from hepatic ischemia-reperfusion. Another benefit is that the oil also protects liver tissue from the damage caused by toxic metals. There is also a study on its beneficial effect when it comes to fighting chemicals that our bodies have been exposed to.

All in all

When looking back on all of these incredible health benefits that black seed oil provides us with, it is no wonder that its use has never been more popular. The fact that there is a lot of research done on its positive results, showing its incredible impact on our health, only encourages other experts to keep on investigating its yet-to-be-discovered benefits. The nickname this incredible oil got – “seeds of blessings” – can be said to be well-deserved and completely justified.