9 Best Haircuts this Spring Season on Your Short Hair

9 Best Haircuts You Can In This Spring Season On Your Short Hair

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Change of a season calls for a change of lifestyle and routine. Spring is the best season to cut your hair short. This will enable you to benefit from the sun, and the rays will be able to reach the sites that have been blocked by long hairs. Cutting your hair short should be done by a hair stylist, to ensure you still look fashionable and classy. There are trending short haircut styles that have made the celebs to win and gain fame. Below are some of the best hairstyles to cut your hair short and still look gorgeous.

1. Pretty Pixie

Pixie hair cut is the best hair style you can have on short hair. It is one of the most trending hairstyles for short hair. This hair cut brings out an appealing and gorgeous look that everyone would wish to have. Pixies hair cut looks adorable when is extended in a textured manner. When one is in this style, you look delightful and lovely. This hairstyle has made most of the celebs to win awards during the contests.

2. Cut Short And Wavy

Short and wavy hair style gives you an elegant look that will draw everyone’s attention. This style is best done when the hair is cut short on the front area and leave a bulk wavy curls at the crown. The hair is combed back to bring out clearly the crown appearance. This is one of the hairstyles for short hair that goes well with most makeup. It also matches with most outfits. The long strands of hair can be highlighted using a different color from the shorter parts to make it look stylish and elegant.

3. Perfect Sleek Bob

Bob is one of the short hairstyles that have stayed in the fashion industry, and it never goes out of fashion. It is a very simple hair design, and it can be cut in different ways according to your head shape. Bob hairstyle will help to open and display facial features that might not be visible when you have a long hair. It also goes well with most outfits and makeup. Bob is the trending short hairstyle, and most celebs have embraced it.

4. Short And Curly

Cutting your hair short and making it curly will make you look attractive and gorgeous. It will also make people with small heads to appear big. The curls will increase the hair volume and make you look like your head is fuller and big. Having curls on short hair will make you look natural and decent. It will also save you hair care materials, as you only need a small amount to maintain the hair. If you want to look decent and fashionable this spring season, short and curly is the best hairstyle to have.

5. Short And Straight

Cutting your hair short in a simple way and combing it straight to the back will make you look decent and presentable. This hairstyle is simple and everyone can afford. When it is done perfectly by a hair stylist, it looks classy and draws everyone’s attention.

6. Mess Up The Cut

Having a short hair does not limit you from looking classy and stylish. There is a new trending messy way of cutting short your hair, and you still look classic. Cutting the hair on the deep side end and leaving the long parts to fall nicely on your face will make you look stylish and gorgeous. This style goes well with thick and fuller hair because it can easily be designed in many shapes.

7. Cut Like a Boy

Cutting your hair short like a boy makes you look neat and it helps in maintaining the cleanliness of your hair. Many celebs cut their hair short, and they look nice and attractive when performing.

8. Finger Waves

This hair style is done by cutting your hair short and leaving some hair long on the side. The longer hair is made into waves, which are spread through using fingers for you to style them. This hair cut is simply amazing.

9. Side Parted Straight Cut

This hair cut is done by cutting your hair short on one side and leaving the other side to long. You comb your hair from the shorter side to the direction of the longer side. It looks amazing and gorgeous.


There are so many ways to cut your hair short and still look pretty. Cutting hair short should be done neatly to avoid uneven cutting. Select a suitable haircut style according to the shape of your head. By selecting one of the above hair styles, you can cut your hair this spring and still look stylish.

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