As The Seasons Change, So Does Your Wardrobe

6 mins read

Many, many people all over the globe swap and change their wardrobe seasonally. In many cases, this will mean the person moves garments from their wardrobe to the loft or spare room and takes out their clothes for next season from storage.

When this swapover takes place, it is a fantastic idea to do a full wardrobe analysis to take stock of what you have, what you need, what has changed, what you need to get rid of – to really enjoy the process of swapping wardrobes.

As The Seasons Change, So Does Your Wardrobe

First Things First

The very first thing you should do is see if you have favourites and if you do, pick them out. The seperate them into piles – tops, skirts, dresses etc. Favourites do not have to be items you wear the most, but items you absolutely loved wearing, even if you only wore them a few times. This will help you figure out which items you have bought just because you thought you needed them, and which you actually liked and loved.

What Needs Replacing?

After you have enjoyed picking out your favourites, you then need to figure out which items will need replacing next time you go into that season. Look through your favourites and see which ones are looking tired or worn. Maybe the vest tops look a bit faded, the leggings have holes in etc. You can chuck out the items that are absolutely dead to the world and then prioritise your other replacements depending on how damaged the items are. You may also simply dislike a certain style you tried or used to like and know that you won’t be wearing it again.

Gaps In Your Wardrobe

If there are certain garments you have neglected only because you have been desperate to find a piece to go with it, then that is a wardrobe gap. Look at items that fall into this category and think about what you would need in order to wear that garment. If you actually need lots of other things to make the item worth wearing, you probably just need to get rid of it or consider wearing it a different way. You might well have been wearing one pair of sandals all summer and now you would like several pairs next year to enjoy. Or maybe you would have loved a brighter winter coat but never bought one. Either way – figure out what is missing from your wardrobe from that season.

Throwing Items Away

One of the most important things to do when you complete a season change with your wardrobe is to throw items away. You have by now figured out what is damaged and needs chucking, and what you loved wearing and need more of, so the obvious outcome of this is to chuck away the other section – the mediocre section – of your wardrobe. Yes you will have plain staples that aren’t exciting, but what about all the other bits you never wore, or you wore but only because everything else was in the wash. Don’t keep hold of these items or your wardrobe for this season will just keep growing! Throw away, sell or giveaway the following:

  • Items with stains, threads, rips or holes or items that do not fit you
  • Items you never wore
  • Items you only wore once or twice and hated
  • Items that didn’t suit you

Be ruthless – you could make some extra cash, or at the very least, clear space in that season’s wardrobe.

Improving Your Look

Take a good long hard look at what you are left with after this whole process and ask yourself if this wardrobe is really ‘you’. Clothes are actually something very emotional for us and when you analyse the clothes you wear you can find out a lot about yourself. Did you buy baggy clothes all season because you were unhappy with your weight? If so – vow to be much slimmer by the next time this season comes, when you can look at these clothes and feel shocked they were what you wore before. Did you buy plain clothes all season when really you wanted to buy much more bold clothes that made a statement? Maybe when you’re shopping at and other online shops you can decide to be braver with the next season. Maybe summer was the old you and winter is the new you and it is time for a big change.