Awesome Outfits for A Casual Night Out

3 mins read

Need some outfit tips for your big night out but a suit is not something you want to wear? No worries, this simple but detailed guide will tell you how to stand out for the night, without being too fancy.  Let’s dive in with these 5 pieces of designer wear.


OFF-White + Denim Shirt

OFF White tees are the best piece you can wear to look stylish while maintaining a more “streetwear based approach”. Their oversized wearability gives you the freedom of wearing something that is comfortable and ULTRA stylish at the same time. If you combine their infamous Mona Lisa tee with a simple denim shirt, you will be ace in no time.


Fancy Jacket + Plain Tee

When it comes to men’s fashion nothing really beats wearing a fancy jacket over a plain white (or any other colour) tee. If combined with a great pair of jeans, this simple outfit can slay any competitor without any problem. My personal favourites are the ones with big coloured patched on the back, but that is just my personal taste. If a jacket and tee isn’t always your style try a pair of skinny jeans with branded jumpers for a causal look that works on a night out.


Shoes Are Life

The wrong pair of shoes could literally kill a perfect outfit, I’m not even joking: for example, wearing a pair of trainers on a full Armani boutique dress could literally be the definition of “doing it wrong”. Given the previous outfits I gave you, my personal pick would revolve around Yeezys (in particular since apparently, a new line is dropping soon, thanks to Kanye).


Gucci T-Shirt

Seriously. Wanna be a shining star on your casual night out? Wear this one. No regrets, it’s awesome and could literally kill every other outfit. Matter of fact, it’s a bit expensive, but still, I think is also a bit worth, quote me on that!


Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts Forever!

Ralph Lauren’s Oxford Shirts are the definition of classy and casual style: they are perfect in the office, (if it’s a relaxed environment) on a night out, anywhere really. This summer, the Oxford Shirt is back in its most powerful combination: single coloured shorts. Be sure to pick a pink one, a yellow one and a denim coloured one, as those will be the trendy colours this summer!