Bollywood Celebrities Who Went from Fit To Fat

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Fitness is the most important concern, guiding people everywhere. And when it concerns Bollywood, celebrities have to maintain them in shape for the perfect glamor and shine. You see so many Bollywood stars that are fit and undertake yoga, diet and different exercise to stay in slim and healthy. Moreover, not being in shape can also lose them big shows and films, which is why fitness also stands a major necessity to them. But with the time passing by, you see a lot of Bollywood stars who have turned to being fat from staying fit. Despite the work pressure and tight work hours, you see a lot of celebrities that are no longer in their fit and slim shape.

Here are the Bollywood celebrities who turned Fat from Fit:

  1. Fardeen Khan: Fardeen Khan is very famous for the charm, he sets on screen. Having been in proper shape during the days of his prospering Bollywood carrier, you now see that he has put on, lots of weight, who once has been the heart throb of Bollywood.fardeen-khan
  2. Ram Kapoor: Gained familiarity from the television show, Ghar Ek Mandir, Ram Kapoor grew to be a famous character of Bollywood movies too. Have set the films successful with his serious and comedy accents, this Bollywood star has also turned fat, who was once very fit and charming.ram-kapoor
  3. Chandrachur Singh: Once a very popular and very charismatic face of Bollywood, Chandrachur Singh has been into many movies like, Josh, Kya Kehna, Maachis and others. He used to be slim and healthy and looked mesmerizing. But now, you see him, having put, lots of weight and with a fat look.chandrachur-singh
  4. Tanushree Dutta: Tanushree Dutta ha d been the sizzling hot face of Bollywood, who made her debut with the film, Ashiq Banaya Aapne. Later, she also appeared in different movies and, and after she took a break a from the film career, she became spiritual. Once, very well known for the hot figure and face, this celebrity has now, also gained fat, and has turned fat from fit.tanushree-dutta
  5. Himanshu Malik: This Bollywood star has appeared as one sensational face of Bollywood. He entered the Bollywood industry with his movie “Khwaish”, opposite the co-star, Malika Sherawat. Later, he appeared in Yamla Pagla Deewana, and after that he took a break from the industry. These days, this Bollywood star is also known to have become fat and has turned away from being fit.himanshu-malik
  6. Ninad Kamat: Very well known for his filmy acting career in the movies, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Sangharsh, and also Parineeti, Ninad Kamat is also well known for the comedy that he serves. Once been fit and attractive, these days, this Bollywood celebrity is seen fat, gaining weight at the best.ninad-kamat

Alongside, there has also been some other Bollywood celebrities like Rishi Kapoor, Helen and others, to have put on weight. They have perhaps bid adieu to Gym and are gaining weight with time passing by. Ever since getting away from their Bollywood career, these celebrities have been seen putting up tons of weight. you can find latest Bollywood and Hollywood stuff at This Site