Mom Lullabies, Ring Into The Heart, Reasoning The Love With Mom

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Is Reason To Love Mom More A Superfluous Thought

Caring and loving are the basic instincts in any mom.  Love and affection gets into you as children, as a habit, as the mother caress you close with her heart and breast. “The reason to love your mom” narration here may look superfluous as you have already done it in the day-to-day life right from the morning until you go to the bed. The link with your mom starts way back you enter the world.  Mom’s love is more than the umbilical cord relationship that fed your cells as you mitosis through a period of 10 months. Children, the words here make you scramble for a dictionary, and then here the meaning of the last sentence. You know well, your mother feed you now, but did you know she fed you with her food she took, (of course, converted as nutrients by her body) when she carried in her womb. The umbilical cord that gave the food for your survival in your loving mom’s womb, as mitosis is a process that divided your cells to make a full-grown baby. The love that comes out of you for your mom is more than that, you think. Why to love your mom all through your life is here given all for you.

Mom Toils, Just For Children Like You

Many come and go in your life, child. Imagine a day without your mom. Mom wakes you up from the bed and cajoles to brush, not for herself, only for you to reach the School in time.  When you go to School and flash a fresh smile to your teacher, as she admire the smile and returns it. Did you thank your mom for it at least once?  Reciprocate her for deeds all by loving her for life. Think on your papa who rushes to earn for you and see your mom who follows him thereafter to office. In some of your homes, mom may be a homemaker. See how she balances the task of getting you and your papa to get ready. Her life starts in the early morning with preparing the morning tea and milk for not only you but also your loving grand papa and grand mama.  When your girl friend or a boy gives a birthday cake to you, they do expect to give them back to them in your birthday. Here there is expectation, but your mom works for you without expectation. So, pouring your love to her needs no bounds.  She ends the day singing lullabies for in the bed as you dream through the night with the fairies in your dream.

Love Your Mom To Love The World

Love that you shower your mom takes you to the heights of the life. Life, Oh!  Children, it needs to be a treading with joy. When you love mind is light and you smile. When you frown, world frowns at you, but you love world laughs with you. Nevertheless, you fail to love, the world laughs at you. You never require to try it, as already you adorn your mother, now it is time to thank her for all the favors done for you so far!