Boston Red Sox Gets The Crown Of Best Baseball Team

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Boston Red Sox performed well in their recent game that levels them as the best team in baseball. The progress is reminiscent of its earlier matches against teams like Detroit Tigers and Blue Jays.

For sports experts, Dodgers shares the first spot with the Boston Red Sox. For others, Braves are no way less as they hold the best record in the game of baseball. The Dodgers scored an awesome 52-13 record, with brilliant players like Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greene. Though all the teams are performing quite impressively and consequently giving tough competition to others, the best thing about Boston Red Sox is that they are extremely adept in offense that consist of half the game.

Boston Red SoxThe center of Red Sox offense is Ortiz. The player in his late thirties homered in the fourth before hitting his 26th run in the seventh. Experts believe that Ortiz is in his best form now with OPS+ of 153. The last game gave him 2,001 hits in his career. The last game progressive gave him a score of .313/.396/.567. The Boston Red Sox is a leader in runs.

The baseball team Dodger is not far behind. The team is not using all its players properly. But some are present on the line up on a regular basis like Mark Ellis, A.J.Ellis and Juan Uribe. The Braves have two uniforms .200 and .300 OBP to their credit. The tigers are gradually becoming powerful with their present score just 13 runs less than the Red Sox. The outstanding performance of Miguel Cabrera deserves a special mention. However, the team has a drawback that refers to a couple of players at the foot of their order.

Will Middlebrooks in the ninth position join the Boston Red Sox from the minor leagues.  The team can boast regular and good players all the way to the end of the order. In the game Jim Leyland made Stephen Drew load the bases with no outs in the sixth inning. By this time, Boston Red Sox has already scored 5-4.  Leyland managed to put up a double play. Rick Porcello on the other hand is an expert ground ball pitcher. David Ross too played quite strategically. He was pitch hit by Mike Carp. Mike Carp managed to over throw Porcello. Middlebrooks got the opportunity to drive a middle-in fastball from Al Alburquerque over the Green Monster. It certainly gave him a grand slam. Daniel Nava showed ample experience when he hit two run homer with a masterstroke. David Ortiz by this time has made a double run. The game being an eight-run inning was soon over.

Without the mention of Boston Red Sox’s pitching, the game would remain incomplete. John Lester played the best game of his life. Jake Peavey too deserves a special mention. He played an excellent third man. The Boston Red Sox are acclaimed as Giants who bowled off their opponents in no time. They permitted seven runs total for winning the last three games with their excellent combination of pitching and hitting.