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Buying Guide For Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Whether you are about to have your dream home built or you are about to get your old house renovated, choosing the type of flooring is a crucial decision to make. If you select the right type of flooring, half of your problems will be resolved. The first thing you have to consider is the budget. You have to be mindful of the fact that the flooring you choose should be the best according to your budget. Nowadays, most homeowners are resorting to vinyl flooring instead of the traditional wooden flooring due to economic reasons and the ease of maintenance.

Thanks to the manufacturers, they have come up with an upgraded version of the regular vinyl tile, the LVT, that is, Luxury Vinyl Tiles. The advancement in the technology of manufacturing vinyl tiles has resulted in a better durability, perfect finish and an overall better look and feel. This guide for investing in Luxury Vinyl Tiles will help you make an infirm decision by considering all the essential factors.

What Exactly is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

LVT are tiles that are industrially accepted form of vinyl flooring the designing of which is done in a way that they can resemble any material such as stone, wood or ceramic. Various technologies have been applied to make this better version of the conventional vinyl tiles. There are three layers used for making LVT. The topmost layer is the look you want. Different manufacturers can modify this according to the choice of their design. This layer has an Aluminium oxide coating on it to prevent any damage from UV rays and other destructive elements. There is another clear film below this layer used for preventing serious damages such as those due to cuts, tears or rips. The third layer creates the illusion of whatever texture you desire.

Buying Guide For LVT

Pure vinyl or a mixture of limestone and vinyl is used by most manufacturers to create the layer. There is a great variety of designs to choose from. One of the best collections of Luxury Vinyl Tiles that I came across is the Quick-Step Livyn. Although one thing that you should know is that LVT is more expensive than the regular vinyl tiles due to the superior quality and durability. So make sure that you set your budget accordingly. The kind of subfloor will determine the installation to a great extent. If most of the areas in your house have high foot traffic then LVT is the best option for you as they can withstand heavy foot traffic with ease.


Even though Luxury Vinyl Tiles are a new concept, they are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. All in all, the choice is yours. Depending upon your budget, foot traffic in your house, designs of your choice and many beautiful textures, you can take the correct decision if you have considered all the important factors before actually investing in Luxury Vinyl Tiles.