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The Perfect Birthday Party Plan in Seven Steps

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Before you say the perfect birthday party doesn’t exist, the most persevering birthday planners create the most memorable events. It’s not always because they have the best cakes or they never forgot to purchase wholesale balloons. Great parties are awesome because they are memorable, endearing, and an excellent time spent with friends, family, and close relatives. If you’re planning the best party ever, here are seven ways to go about it.

A Blockbuster or an Intimate Party?

Think about how big the party should be before creating invites and calling suppliers. If you’re the celebrant, decide whether you want to have a blockbuster invite-everyone-and-have-fun party or you’re looking for an intimate night with some friends or your family. Deciding early allows you to set a budget and expectations for the upcoming party. Managing expectations allows you to bring out the party’s full potential.

Create a List of Participants

Now that you know the party’s size, you can then call upon people who can improve the energy levels and create great memories during the event. If you’re the celebrant, you can call on your closest friends if you’re spending an intimate party. If you’re spending a huge one, call everyone you know that can make a day or night swell — the sky’s the limit (or at least just within your budget).

Find a Great Venue

With a tentative participant list, it would be easier to decide on which venue to use. You can check whether you can have wholesale balloons (if that’s part of your party decor) during the event or just go with some confetti, banderitas, or banners you’d like to use. Before deciding on the venue, make sure to share with the local manager your decor plans. Some venues might not allow custom decorations.

Only The Best Decors

Once your venue’s manager states you can have decorations and wholesale balloons inside the venue, you can call suppliers to get you what you need. Make sure these suppliers sign a contract with you and arrive a day before the party. This is to make sure you and all suppliers have ample time to prepare the decors. If you’re spending your party at home in an intimate manner, then you can buy your decors and prepare them at least a few hours before the guests arrive!

Create and Send Out Invites

People you listed on your party plan won’t know your party if you don’t send out invites. Luckily, social media allows you to create an event plan and invite everyone in your list conveniently. You can still do it the old fashioned way by mailing everyone (through snail mail or emails) a custom-designed invite you, a friend, or a supplier had created. Doing the latter makes everything more meaningful. Doing both helps make your party a success.

Catering or Home Cooking?

What would you prefer eating? Do you have the time to make the meals for the party? If you’re the celebrant, are you confident enough in your cooking skills? If you’re hosting a huge birthday party, you might want to consider catering instead of braving everything with your own skills. You have to resolve other matters for your party. Meanwhile, an intimate party would do well with home cooking as long as you manage your time properly.

Enjoy Yourself!

Lastly, no one wants a party pooper. When you’re at your own party, enjoy yourself. Drink beverages, forget about your diet for one day, participate in your own games, don’t dwell on your planning failures. Remember, birthday parties are about having fun and if the celebrant loves your party despite any shortcoming you’ve failed to address, it becomes more memorable if you have fun with everyone!


By following these seven steps, you achieve good planning and time management for any big or small party.