Can A Personal Trainer Help Your Golf Game

Can A Personal Trainer Help Your Golf Game

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For years golfers have never been considered true athletes. Some of the first professional golfers like Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen where slightly overweight and not in great physical shape.

It never really mattered, as golf was never a sport of high physical demands. When Gary Player comes around things slowly started to change. Gary is from South Africa and was short by a golfer’s standard. He wanted to hit the ball further to keep up with his fellow competitors. So he decided to hit the weights.

It really helped and Player became very physical fit thanks to his training in the gym. It then took almost 40 years for someone else to come a long and change the game for good this time.

When Tiger Woods burst onto the scene in 1997, he was a fairly thin young kid. Knowing this, Tiger committed himself to getting stronger. He was already the longest player on tour but he wanted to get into great shape for many other reasons.

Since Tiger started to work out we are seeing more and more professionals train harder in the gym. Golf is a very taxing sport on the body. The lower back and knees take much on the pain but so do the shoulders.

Can A Personal Trainer Help Your Golf Game

Although I am not a professional golfer, I started to see the benefits of seeing a Victoria personal trainer. It’s been almost two months since I have been doing this and what a huge impact on my golf game it has had. I am very rarely sore after my rounds and my distant has improved immensely.

The biggest thing will be able to play this game for longer. That’s if I do not train too hard. You see, golf is a great game that anyone from the age of 8 to 80 years old can play. My goal is to play this great game as long as I can. Seeing my personal trainer will no doubt help me achieve that dream. Plus, I am also getting in great shape, which is something I have wanted to do for some time. I’m sure you are just like me and wanted to get in great shape. Well, now is the time!

So you may not be a professional golfer like Tiger Woods, but signing up with an online personal trainer could help your golf longevity like it will help mine. You’ll experience longer distance and less pain. Two things any golfer wants.

An online personal trainer is a great alternative since you can get tips right from your own home and you can train from your home as well. Great news for those are a little lazy.