Your Son Chipped A Tooth In Sports. Now What?

Your Son Chipped A Tooth In Sports. Now What?

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Sports are a great way for kids to be fit, make friends, and learn valuable life skills. However, they are not always without risk. Sometimes kids get injured from playing sports, especially if it is a contact sport like soccer or martial arts. A chipped tooth is a fairly common injury. Learn what to do when a tooth is chipped or broken.

Immediate Care

If the tooth is broken, chipped, or fractured, there are some specific things to do. Collect all the pieces of the tooth. This is especially important for kids, because they could do further damage by biting down on the broken bits. Rinse out their mouth with warm salt water. If the child is in pain, they can also take any over the counter pain medication. Next, inspect the damage. If there are jagged or sharp edges on the damaged tooth, try covering it with sugar free gum or paraffin wax. This will prevent the kid from cutting up his tongue and cheeks on the damaged edge.

Your Son Chipped A Tooth In Sports. Now What?

Contact a Dentist

You need to bring your child to their dentist right away. Bacteria can enter the inner pulpy layer of the broken tooth and cause an infection. If this happens, the tooth might be lost and/or develop an abscess. Many kids fear the dentist. Getting your child to voluntarily go see one, especially when he is already in pain, might be difficult. However, it is much easier when there is nothing for them to fear. Consider visiting a Calgary sedation dentist like those at Woodcreek Dental Care. These dentists ease anxiety by providing a warm and comforting environment while also using sedatives. It is normal for kids to have anxiety about seeing a dentist, but offices that utilize sedation can help ease much of that stress.

Repairing a Chipped Tooth

The specific treatment used will depend on how badly the tooth has been damaged. If there is just a small chip or broken section, chances are that dental bonding will be used. This is a simple procedure that uses a special resin to rebuild and repair the damage. This is usually done in one office visit.


Preventing dental injuries is very important. Make sure your child always wears his mouth guard when playing sports. This will prevent most of the potential injuries you see in contact sports.

A chipped tooth needs attention. Take the necessary steps to treat a broken or chipped tooth. Encourage your child to play sports in a safe way to prevent dental injuries.