Why Tiger Woods' Best Friend Is A Physiotherapist

Why Tiger Woods’ Best Friend Is A Physiotherapist

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Tiger Woods is without a doubt in the best physical shape of any golfer in the world. His work ethic and desire is off the charts. He’s pushed himself so hard over the last 17 years.

Has his will and desire pushed his body too far? Tiger is recovering from major back surgery, his second major surgery. The first if you recall was back in 2008 to his left knee. He put on a courageous performance is beating Rocco Mediate in an 18 hole playoff at the US Open that year.

He was sensible enough to get surgery right after that victory which was his last major and 14th. At this moment he still sits 4 back of Jack Nicklaus.

But he was no sensible with his last surgery. He waited a few weeks too long. Instead of playing his last two events, he should have shut it down. Again his desire to beat Jack and becomes the greatest golfer ever caused him to play a couple more events with his back hurting.

He’s already missed this years Masters and with the US Open this week, he won’t be in the field there or at next months Open Championship.

That is unless his best friend is a Victoria physiotherapist. I say best friend because he’ll be seeing a lot of him in his recovery.

Why Tiger Woods' Best Friend Is A Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist will be able to help Tiger regain his strength is his back and body so he can get back on the golf course quicker. They will do this through various exercise programs customized to Tiger and his status at that moment.

The focus will be to build up strength in the program so he can become as strong as he can as quick as he can. Obviously we wants to get back out there so he can at least play the PGA Championship, golfs last major of the year, in August.

No matter what though, seeing a physiotherapist continually will help Tiger in being able to perform without having to sacrifice his body and force him to miss out on any more majors. His focus from here on out should be his health so he can play in as many majors as possible to better his odds of beating Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors.

Only time will tell though. You have to figure Tiger has hit millions of golf balls over his 37 years on this planet. You have that along with the fact that he works out like a mad men must make his body feel like it’s 75 years old, not 37.

If you play any physically demanding sport like golf, then look into going to a physiotherapy Victoria clinic and talk to a physiotherapist there about what they can do for you.