Can Acupuncture Work For Golfers?

3 mins read

A friend of mine who I play golf with regularly had been on the sidelines the last few weeks. Why? He had some pain is his elbow. Everyone knows this as golfers elbow.

The reason for golfers elbow is because the golf swing is a violent move with the elbow extended full out during every swing. For those swings that make contact with a ball, they can create a lot of impact on that elbow and cause it to get very sore.

He started to feel pain about three months ago, but just now got to a point where he can no longer ignore it. He said it began with a dull ache or tenderness on the outer part of the elbow.  He waited too long to do something because he said the pain would go away for a day or two. But then come back when he would play a round.


In wasn’t until last week that he finally couldn’t take the nagging pain anymore. It got to the point where he could no longer sleep because he always sleeps on his right side with his hand as a rest. This put added stress on that already nagging golfers elbow.

He said he started looking for ways he could treat the pain and get back on the course. It’s summer time up here in Canada and it’s only going to be around for another few months. So he really wants to get back out there since the grey and dark winter is around the corner.

He decided to seek out a few Victoria acupuncturists to try and cure his pain. Acupuncture can be a very effective treatment for golfers elbow. According to Chinese medical theory, acupuncture works because we have a natural flow of energy throughout our body. Every cell in our body produces energy, but the Chinese believe that it flows through a series of pathways. When that energy becomes blocked in one or more of the pathways, the energy becomes like a dam in a river. And pain is caused.

But by inserting acupuncture needles into specific parts of his body, the Victoria acupuncture Doctor was able to break up these blockages that were restricting the flow of energy throughout his elbow. The energy is now moving smoothly again in his body and he says he was cured. This is incredible as it was only two treatments in a three-day period.

Now he’s back on the course and playing great golf, which makes me jealous. Maybe the acupuncture is making him think more clearly on the course as well? That’s for another time as golfers like us tend to be mental cases when it comes to what works and what doesn’t.

None the less, if you have golfers elbow, looking into acupuncture as a cure.