Carson Of Arizona Is The Best Point Guard In The Country

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Jahii Carson of Arizona State is considered as one of the country’s top most basketball players. Though last season he has being more of a freshman, in the current season he picked up his motion. As a result, he is acclaimed as the most electric player of the nation. Coach of the Arizona team is full of praise for this player of point guard position.

Carson Of Arizona Is The Best Point Guard In The Country

Jahii Carson is not the only new comer in the team. He is accompanied by eight other players. The coach of the team Herb Sendek is responsible to mould them according to the requirement of the team and bring out their true potential. Perhaps Carson is the brightest jewel of the lot. Sendek does not play the miser while praising Carson. He remarks that he is the most talented point guard of the country and the 5-10 floors general are return puts ASU to make the NCAA tournament. This amazing performance misleads the Sun Devils to some extent. He is satisfied that the team is included in the NCAA tournament. He is optimistic about the young talented pool of players that the team boasts.

The average point of Carson is 18.5, 3.7 rebounds, 5.1 assists and the duration of the game is 37.2 minutes. In addition to the personal score, Carson is also a source of constant inspiration to his teammates, whose offensive capacity increases manifold with his presence. His inclusion in the half court instantly makes open shots for the other players in the team.

Arizona has to perform in the NACC tournament. The other teams to participate here are Sun Devils, Stanford and Colorado. For Sun Devils the season may not be good one. According to sports expert they are likely to perform like the previous year. While the other teams are geared up to face the worse against each other. They are heavily armored than the ASU. The team of Arizona is the hot favorite of the season. The Pac-12 Conference shows the name of five teams that will participate in the NCAA tournament, Colorado, Oregon, ULCA, Stanford and Arizona State. Three more teams managed to reach NIT.

Sports critics’ comments that speed is the key to success in this game. This strength is manipulated to a great extent by Jahii Carson. However it is still to be seen how long each team takes to establish their supremacy. The Sun Devils lost Carrick Felix and Evan Gordon, the second and third leading scorers. The authority was anxious about the vacancy space. Luckily it is filled up by Brandon Kearney of Michigan state.

But none seems to come even close to the speed of Jahii Carson, who takes only 3.4 seconds to go from coast to coast. The team has tremendous expectation from him. However the inclusion of Jermaine Marshall could work wonders to take the pressure off Carson. ASU provides platform to a number of players like, Jordon Bachynski, who was a junior in the last season. He has given an exemplary performance.