Croatian Town Of Zadar This Summer

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Are you considering visiting Croatia this summer vacation? Croatia offers many summer destinations for its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and uncountable attractions. One touristic destination that remains unrivaled is Zadar, a city that sits in the Northern part of the Dalmatian coast.

Zadar is loved for its quietness and fewer crowds. The city is relatively undiscovered, but with activities and sceneries that will make your vacation a one to remember. It’s a city that would even tempt you to look for a house for sale Croatia, purchase it, and live there permanently. There are historic sites to visit, a beach to spend the day in, a cultural market to shop at, and local foods and drinks to sample. Here are things to see and do in Zadar.

Enjoy The Quiet Beach of Saharun


Just a short distance from Zadar on a ferry is the white sand beach of Saharun. The waters are shallow here, and not many people crowd the place, except in the months of July to August. If you’re a person who likes calmness, then the Saharun beach would be ideal to spend a day or two while in Zadar.

The Wildlife in Paklenica, the Plitvice Lakes and the Krka Game Parks


Away from the coast, these game parks sandwiched between the Velebit mountains and the Adriatic sea offer spectacular sceneries. Apart from the animals, you get to do some hiking and breathtaking rock climbing.

Enjoy the Traditional Seafood


The restaurants in Zadar serve a variety of fish dishes, and at fair prices compared to other places. The fish are fresh, taken straight from the Adriatic sea. Enjoy local fish food such as baked octopus served with baked potatoes. The restaurants range from the rustic with ancient walls to the modern ones serving local and nonlocal dishes.

Marvel at the Ancient Architecture


Zadar is home to ancient buildings dating back to hundreds of years ago. Walking around the city, you get to catch a glimpse of historical pieces of architecture such as the Venetian tower. There’s also the Trg Pet Bunara wells to see and other historic sites and structures, some dating as far back as 1BC- like the Roman Forum. If you’re an enthusiast of ancient architecture, then visiting Zadar would make your holiday worthwhile.

Watch the Sun Set at the Sea Organ

Sea Organ

The Sea Organ is a stunning show of craftsmanship. Built by a famous architect by name Nikola Bašić , the organ uses sea waves to produce spectacular sounds. People come here to watch the beauty of the setting sun on the Adriatic sea. It’s a calming experience, watching the sun create colors in the sky while enjoying the sounds coming from the Sea Organ.

Enjoy the Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Most of Croatia’s music festivals are held in Zadar. It’s unlikely that you will miss one during your stay there. Watch out for them and immerse yourself in the music and dance. It will make your Vacation in Zadar enjoyable.

Zadar is one of Croatia’s best holiday destinations. It’s never short of activities and attractions. The beaches are less crowded unlike other parts of Croatia such as the South. While there, make use of your time and plan to visit as many places as you can.

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