Dozens of Healthy Snack Ideas for Big Company!

8 mins read

Are you trying to keep a diet? That’s so great that you want to have your body strong and healthy. It’s all about sport, active leisure, healthy food and enough sleep. So, where are you going? The most popular weekend activity for Americans is traveling. People gather in a big friendly company and go to take some sun and fresh air to the hot state. Don’t worry if it must be the first time you are traveling to the south. Rentalcars24h is the start point for all active travelers. Do you want to change the route and go to California instead? It’s not a problem for EZ! They give you the cheapest cars all over the USA and abroad.

Did you think about your weekend menu? Don’t forget that weekend with friends can be the reason why your diet doesn’t work. So, driving a car you don’t have time for dinner or breakfast. So, you need a healthy snack. Here are different snack ideas for your weekend. They are good for people in sport and for all who are fond of dieting. Try, it’s tastier than an egg!



  1. Nut Butter Snacks

Here is a recipe of the healthiest snack ever! There is nothing special. You don’t even have a strong culinary skill. Just take a couple of celery stalks and fill it with some nut butter. Pick one that you like the most: walnut, peanut, almond, cashew butter, and raisins. If you don’t like celery you can take some apple, peel it and fill with nut butter on your choice.

  1. Jerked Beef

Be careful to avoid unknown brands that produce low quality food with sugar, sodium and taste boosters. The high quality beef is the best protein food. This is a kind of nutrient rich snack that is easy to carry and take with you for a trip.

  1. Mix Nuts

Mix nuts is easy to buy in the store or do on your own. This is the fastest and the healthiest snack you may have on the go. Just mix them! That’s a good idea to take nuts and mix them with dried fruits and succades. Do you like almond nuts and pistachio? They are the best for enriching your body with proteins.


  1. Shake

What about a protein cocktail? Of course, it is better to take proteins from whole foods. But if you are on the go and don’t really have an opportunity to cook you can use powder proteins. Make a shake! There are tons of combinations. Just put some water and protein powder and shake it! What a snack!

  1. Mini Quesadilla with Beans and Cheese

Beans and cheese is a unique combination of proteins, calcium, and fibrous. You should cook the dish at a dry hot pan to reach the condition of melted cheese and crispy crust. Wrap your quesadilla with a foil and take away. Feel hungry? Enjoy your meal! It is still hot.

  1. Kind Plus Bar

Of course, this is not the best idea to buy special protein bars to stave off your hunger. But if you don’t take any food with you and need something to eat right here and right now, you can buy something like KIND Plus Bar. Just keep them near at hand so that you can easily eat one and feel better quickly.

Chicken quesadilla


  1. Poppers Easy Snack

The easiest snack you may have is poppers snack. Factually, this is a kind of green beans that you can cook in a steam pot with spices and lemon juice. It is enough to buy a pack of frozen vegetables at the store.

  1. Hummus

Hummus is another easy snack that you can take with you in a plastic container. Don’t forget to slice some carrots, celery, peas to eat with hummus. It doesn’t take much time to cook and easy to carry. Also, you can share this super healthy dish with your friends. Just take more vegetable bars.

Hausgemachter Humus mit Karotten, Gurken und Paprika


  1. Yogurt and Cereals

Yogurt and cereals is a kind of snack that is healthy and tasty at the same time. This is your chance to enrich your organism with calcium and probiotics. If you want you can add fruits.

Banana and Strawberries Smoothie bowl


  1. Portable Cheese Plate

Do you like cheese? Who doesn’t? You can make a portable cheese place for your picnic. Don’t forget to take different sorts of cheese, cheese crackers, sticks. Make sure your food is full of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, and fibers.

  1. Chocolate Milk

That’s a good new if you really like milk. Chocolate milk is full of high quality proteins. This snack is especially good after a hard training or active run. Just try to keep it in a dark cool place so that you can make a stop and have a bite every time when you are hungry. Watch sugar!


  1. Tuna Crackers

Don’t worry. You don’t need to cook fish! You may use canned tuna fish. It is full of D vitamin and Omega 3. Tuna with crackers is tasty and simple snack.

As you can see, there are many different variants to keep your healthy diet even on the go. It’s doesn’t really matter where you go and what transport you use. What matters is making a list of special healthy dishes that are easy to cook and carry to make a stop and have a bite even on the go in a company of your friends. Fast food restaurants are not the way out of the situation.